Thursday, March 28, 2013

Black and White + giveaway winner

Just a little glimpse into some favorite March moments.

March disappeared in the blink of an eye.  I should really figure out how to Not Blink sometime.  It could come in handy in so many ways.

The monthly contra dance has been such a highlight of each month.  How I love to dance!
We also had a fantastic game night with friends, complete with blanket capes, indian wrestling, intrigue, Mafia, and reporters armed with lightsaber mics.  Oh, and those nerdy glasses... it all equated to epic.

Housesitting for some friends was completely great, too, as I was able to get quite a bit of prep work done on my fabric and materials for the new line in peace, quiet, and a whole lot of table space.  Lookin' good.

All around me Spring is waiting, coiled, ready to dash into vibrant greens and dappled sunshine.
And my new serger machine arrived today!  Completely a dream come true.

The giveaway winner is Mary Elizabeth!!  Congratulations!
Don't forget, folks, there are less than a handful of items left in the shop - use coupon code HAPPINESS to receive an extra 10% off already marked down prices!


  1. All the photos are lovely! I love the one of you. And the dancing looks like so much fun. :)

  2. I love this collage of black and white photos of March. It reminds me of when all photos were in black/white. The Contra dancing looks fun and obviously very popular with everyone. Hmmm, that Farmgirl mug! It caught my eye!

  3. These are so lovely, dear. March did go by in a flash, didn't it?
    Alex with that hat...epic.
    Oh, oh, oh!! Love the way the Captain America one turned out! I really need a copy of that one;)
    It's Bernard...and he looks like he's meditating. It's rather creepy how much Aubrey looks like Bernard with those glasses on;D
    Love you!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun... and Oooooooooh, I'm jealous of Natasha's shirt. :D

  5. These are darling! Can't wait to attend another dance in June, and you are ever so lucky to dance every month. ;) Love Natasha's shirt as well. *sigh*
    xoxo | grace


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