Sunday, March 17, 2013

Outfit | Spring Fling

I may be Scottish on my father's side, but I'm every bit as Irish on my mother's.  

That must be in part why the Spring sunshine feels like quicksilver in my veins, sending my feet tipping into a fling and my heart pounding to the double step of a lilting jig.  What little I know, anyway.

But then... The High Kings always have that effect on me.
As does sunshine and running water in Spring.


My poor computer has been out of commission for several days, so I'm rather thankful I had this post ready to go beforehand! :)  Things will hopefully be back to normal in a few days once my wonderful brother gets everything fixed up.   
Stay tuned for the giveaway winner to be announced, and looking forward to many, many more adventures before March is over!

So blessed by the tremendous results from the Spring Clearance sale.  The shop is pretty near empty.  So, if you've been hesitating over that something you know you want, this week will be your Last Chance, as everything not sold by the time the new collection is ready will be removed to sell locally.

Use coupon code HAPPINESS to receive an extra 10% off already marked down prices in the shop!

Plus - my fabric shipment has arrived, and the 2013 Spring skirt collection is just around the corner!  Excited?  You better believe it.

Be back soon.

Sweater | Tulle
 Denim Skirt - coming soon to the shop! | Kellie Falconer Design
tee | Thrifted
Boots | Sorelia Earhart
headband | gift


  1. Love the blue and green together! And the bow headband is really cute. :)

    Looking forward to seeing what new beautiful items you'll be selling in your shop.

  2. Your hair is darling!!!! I am so excited about your new shop items!!! :)

  3. Love your outfit, lassie! What a cute cardigan--so very Springy with its leaf-green hue and ferny lace-pattern.

    Your new hair is adorable, BTW. Does it do that naturally, by any chance? Your headband looks good with that length.

    Congratulations on your sale, and best wishes with your new Spring Collection!

    God bless,

    1. I wish it was naturally curly, but alas, tis not:) Thanks!

  4. I really like this shade of green and blue together. And your boots, I love your boots!

  5. Oh, I have always loved the navy/kelly green combo! So perfect for cool spring days reminiscent of the Emerald Isle. Your sweater is quite smart and sets off your KFD navy denim skirt with the perfect splash of Irish hope that spring is moving in and winter is moving on!

  6. Cute outfit! I especially love the sweater... it's such a pretty color. :D I just had to pop in and let you know that I listened to Once on a Time this week and thank you for the recommendation. It was so good! Now my little sis is enjoying it as well. :D

    1. Aw - that made my day! So glad you all enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing that:)

  7. Ooo Love your new header pic :) And I adore that green sweater. My favorite color :) Great pics!

  8. Love the blue and green together. The pockets on your skirt are also a lot of fun - what a great detail.

  9. You look really cute Kellie, I like how the colors go together. That vest is very stylish, and I liked how you turned that picture into black and white.

    I was just wondering, have you ever seen the BBC TV show "Merlin"?

    God Bless!

    1. Thanks so much, Bella!
      No, I haven't seen it, but Tasha has told me all about it:) Perhaps someday.

  10. I must say, I love this outfit!!! :D


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