Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Canvas

A very special photoshoot, taken late last summer, featuring some of the most treasured antiques of my mother and I.

This is my second wall tent, which has proven invaluable already for photoshoots, a storefront, and much more.  Methinks camping should be added to the list this year!

The treadle sewing machine is a Singer Red Eye Special, prized for it's lavish scrollwork and vibrant colors.  It's such a joy to use this machine, and part of the new Spring collection are these muslin petticoats, ruffled on the treadle.

The Sewing manuals are from the Women's Institute for Domestic Sciences, c. 1920, and though extremely rare and collectible, are in the public domain.  I will hopefully be able to offer these as eBooks this Spring or summer, as the wealth of knowledge in their pages is too wonderful to hide away!

As we prepare for the new Kellie Falconer Design, I'm terribly excited to see the Wall Tent Studio take shape as my workroom.  It's been my dream from the beginning to see this happen.

Thank you, thank you to everyone who has taken part in the sale and giveaway so far!  I'm so encouraged by your support as together we empty the shop and it's treasures into your homes and lives.
So, so excited to begin filling it again.
You all are the best.

Armistice blouse | made by me
wool skirt | thrifted
muslin petticoats | Coming Soon!


  1. So pretty. Love that sewing machine!

  2. These photos are heavenly! I love the idea of having a photo-shoot with one's most treasured antiques. I think I may steal it... :)

  3. These are gorgeous! I love how vintage everything is. :)

  4. I love these photos of the beautiful vintage Singer amidst muslin petticoats! Yes, it is very exciting to be planning and executing NEW with the experience and tradition of a machine that has served generations of projects with competence and reliability. Looking forward to see what emerges from the fabulous Wall Tent Studio all restored for a Spring launch.

  5. These photos are gorgeous, Kellie! I'm in love with your beautiful sewing machine--it must be a joy to see with! My mother has a reproduction of the original Singer manufactured for their 100th anniversary...I've always loved watching her sew on it.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  6. So lovely, Kellie! It all looks so beautiful. I love the vintage flare and your outfit is super cute, yet sophisticated!

  7. Please do reprint the Women's Institute for Domestic Sciences books! I have been looking for them on the web and only found a booklet on aprons. I'd love to peek into the rest!

  8. Oh, Kellie! I love your pictures! But what I love even more are those Women's Institute books! I have "Designing and Decorating Clothes", and I love it! And it would be awesomely wonderful if you would make all the books available! I would buy them all!

    Blessings on you and your NEW endeavor!

    The middle Sister and Singer

  9. It all looks so nice an fresh and springy!

  10. Thank you for linking up today my dear! I just adore everything about you!!
    Blessings and Hugs!!!

  11. I am DYING over that sewing machine, those manuals, your outfit! Stunning! Can't wait to see the new spring collection!

  12. You look like Beatrix Potter in these pix. Love that blouse!

    Your sewing machine is pretty, too--they definitely knew how to make things decorative as well as functional back in the day, wot?

    God bless,


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