Saturday, June 15, 2013

green and earth and little hands.

This is a tremendous part of our spring season - helping our friends with their market garden.  We all work together to plant the thousands of seedlings that will become food for the next year, some to keep, some to sell.  Always extra to overflow into bounty free for the taking.

No pictures yet of the potato field, which has doubled in size from last year - but rest assured, we've definitely been busy!

Rich moist earth and growing green things, I've missed you so.  Sure good to have you back.


  1. Lovely big garden planting photos! I can almost smell the rich moist soil all the way here in Florida! It must be quite a thing to see when it all comes to harvest too! Rows and rows of wonderful veggies and berries to make into family favorites. Except for zucchini squash-- While I do love to eat it, the thing grows so fast and huge down here in the steamy south that we are about to be run out of the state right now! I mean really, how many zucchini dishes and zucchini bread can a state eat???? Does it grow like that in Idaho??? Our office is overrun with bags of it from home gardens and we are all about done with trying to find one more way to use it up!

  2. Hello! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog recently! I really like your blog- it's got a definitely vintage, farm-ish vibe and I can really tell who you are through your posts and pictures! You seem so sweet :)
    xo, elle from Living in Color.


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