Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Treasury | fearfully & wonderfully

Simply beautiful theme and tones.  I love this one!

.::. Be sure to visit this treasury on Etsy, and feel free to share! .::.♥
If you create a treasury highlighting something from the shop, be sure to let me know! It could be our next feature!

New in the Shop:

You can now custom order our best-selling tulle skirt in any color of the rainbow!  Which hue would you choose?


  1. Tulle skirts in favorite colors? Now that is a Summer Barn Burner fashion opportunity! Weddings, special events, or just a huge dose of whimsy , these cute skirts fit the bill. With everything from cowgirl boots to colorful fashion heels, tulle skirts are so versatile. Who among us never secretly wanted to be that ballerina on stage in the lovely , flowing Tutu skirt? Now is the chance to make dreams come true with KFD . No more trying to find old crinolines in thrift stores with stains and tears to get the look. Now, someone can order the correct size and color. Take it away KFD with this amazing and creative fashion opportunity!

  2. Yeah... if I had spare 1500 CZK, I'd totally buy a blue-grey tulle crinoline to wear under my wide pleated skirts... but my spare money goes towards other things in smaller amounts at the moment. Still, those tulle skirts of yours are very pretty. ;-)


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