Thursday, June 20, 2013

Portrait of a rainy day | Studio tour

Morning - finishing orders and packaging.  Computer work.  The rain pouring down, weeping.
Something on my mind - weighing it down, burdening me with the pressure.  I wrote that thing on a slip of paper and then obliterated it with my embroidery shears.  Sometime you have to laugh at yourself to get the right perspective.
The Post Office, with it's rainy day atmosphere of bright light, the single wall of ancient keyhole boxes adding an air of rich texture and warmth.
A stop at my very bestie's house for a few hours of sewing - because while you're Bunburying, you might as well do it right.  The rain continued incessantly, and I loved it.  Once the grey lifts from your mood, it becomes a cozy blanket enveloping the world in magic.  Wild, sparkling, adventurous.
Almost home, we neared our road when I turned to my little sister - we couldn't possibly go home - not when the road beyond was beckoning.  So we passed right on by and drove to the top of the world instead.  One of my favorite spots on earth.
The majestic lake spread beneath us, and the mountain peaks sat gently, shrouded in silent mist.

God took me there and showed me His infinite love.  Yet again.
No, this isn't an attempt at the portrait of a perfect day, a perfect life.  Far, far from it.

This is the story of a battleground - a picture of a daily battle to be brave, to dream fully, to live with joy and to accomplish good work.  There are so many questions unanswered in my head, some of them seemingly impossible to solve.  There are so many things I wish my life were that is is not.

But through it all, I find I'm always brought back to the simple fact that every moment we have is a gift.  A gift that we can either choose to accept or throw away.  I'm trying to take each one and fill them with glory for my Saviour, with accomplishment and purpose, and with joy.

This was an exercise for myself, to document one day and try to capture the essence of it's underlying beauty.  To reject the fears and doubts that always seem to come with the incessant pounding of a hard, cold rain and the seeping of the world in grey.

The rain is so, so beautiful.


  1. Hello Kellie Beautiful Beautiful life and blog...thank you so much for your pics. and comments on life. I also sew, but not in a wall tent - so fascinating, skirts are fabulous.Thank you again, a breathe of fresh air so vibrant.

  2. Aw, that was beautiful. *Smile*

    The pictures were just lovely and I LOVE the way you did your hair. It looks so pretty. :)

    Your studio looks awesome.
    This was just a lovely post!


  3. I really like this post. Really. Life is hard and imperfect for all and we are no exception, but its so good to just stand back and realize "Oh! Look at what beauty and tender mercies He has placed in my path to teach me of His love". It's those precious moments that sweep me away and make me feel like, regardless of a very imperfect life and so many unanswered questions, that there is a loving God. I read a quote a long time ago that has stuck with me and has always filled me with hope, "Trust an unknown future to a well-known God".
    Just some of my thoughts while reading your post :) :) :)

  4. What a beautiful post! "This is the story of a battleground - a picture of a daily battle to be brave, to dream fully, to live with joy and to accomplish good work."

    Indeed it is, and no matter what lovely life vignettes you might share online for our benefit, they only scratch the surface of the deep, hidden one that is meant to stay between you, Christ, and your most beloved friends!

  5. This is lovely, and I'm glad you snipped up all your troubles. Gave me a good idea, in fact, but please don't ever cut paper with your good scissors...

  6. I love this, Kellie. His grace comes like rain, doesn't it? <3
    Rain always makes me want to be incredibly productive, on another note. ;)

  7. Sometimes melancholy is the clearest lens through which one can see the beauty right before their eyes. For when our minds are layered with concerns, that which was always there somehow pops forth and we are once again righted back on a brighter path. Life is always presented to us with both simultaneously , but the day's lens is what we perceive. And with a beautiful sweet, sweet smiling sister and that amazingly breath taking view of the lake carved eons ago, our blessings take front and center stage!

  8. Beautiful. I'm always so encouraged by your thoughts, dear.

    And that was a supremely fantastic afternoon. Just what we all needed;)

  9. I love the "she believed she could so she did" script. It's gorgeous. I also really liked the shot of the wild flowers.
    Thanks for sharing!


  10. This is such a beautiful post! I love the pictures too.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  11. Such a lovely blog you have here... and one of the only truly modest blogs I have found around. Looking forward to more beautiful posts :).

    Sincerely, Sara


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