Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Posies to work.

 The weather couldn't quite make up it's mind to shine brightly or blur dismally into chill clouds.

I couldn't quite make up my mind to feel like a hermit all day and retreat, hermit-like, into my rainy-day-but-non-Scottish Mood where style, productivity, and inspiration go out the window - or, alternatively, put a little extra something into my outfit, sit down in the studio, and knock off some of my best work.  Sometimes, it can only be one or the other.

As I was lethargically wavering with as little thought process involved as possible (if I was going to fall into the slough of rainy day laziness, it would be a shame to waste any brain power!), I saw my precious Rifle Paper Co. journal on the table, and something clicked.  

I love it when that happens.  Turquoise and peach posies, pretty paper, a few little accessories... my outfit and my day suddenly became much brighter.

And then I saw a five leaf clover.  
To me, the thrill and delight had nothing to do with legend - rather, I was so completely enthralled with my God, who has filled this world with so much spectacular beauty and unimaginable wonder.  Then, right there in the middle is something so ordinary and humble - yet so special and unique - as my little five leaf clover.

Every day is so full of potential.  So full of beauty.  Don't ever give up fighting to keep that beauty alive, to keep your heart soft, even when you're just so very weary of fighting.
Especially then.

Denim skirt // made by me
cardigan & tee // thrifted
Moccasin slippers // Kohl's
Headband // Kellie Falconer Design  -  scarf //
Rifle Paper journal // ModCloth


  1. Oh so lovely, as always. :)

  2. This was beautiful, from start to finish. I know days like that (I actually think I'm currently having one...), and yes, that beauty that comes through even then? That's just amazing.

  3. There are so many days when inspiration and basic enthusiasm seem to be absent when thinking about getting to work and being productive. It is also true that when such a cloud sits over your head, if you "dress for success" somehow you begin to "see" good things that inspire you and chase the gloom away. It gets very hard to be productive in comfy sweatpants and slippers! I think the secret lies in the fact that when you make the effort to "dress the part" , your mind does a paradigm shift to get the wheels turning. It is like a round that you sing. You need both parts to make beautiful sounds.

  4. such a pretty & lovely outfit!

  5. Sweet post, Kellie. Lovely colors and great encouragement.

    My sister Ellie actually has that same notebook ;-)
    Hope you are all well and happy!

  6. Thanks for this, Kellie. I'm having one of those days too...even bright turquoise hasn't helped thus far, but I think you have.

  7. Beautiful....and so cool how you found a 4 leaf clover!!! I keep my eyes open...but haven't found one.

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  8. That's so lovely.. I love the colors and the prints on your clipboard! Quite splendiferious, dear. :)

  9. Those posies look so pretty in your hair Kellie, and the blue is wonderful on you. Thanks so much for leaving your comment on my Spring Tale post, so glad you enjoyed it and it now means I've found you and your gorgeous blog! Look forward to staying in touch.


  10. Lovely photos, Kellie! And an absolutely lovely post as well. I have those days far too often it seems, especially lately, when life just seems sort of sapped of its wonder and adventure, which is why your words struck home to me. Every day is certainly full of potential, and it shouldn't be wasted.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  11. As usual your outfit is simply marvy :) I love that notebook and seeing that clipboard reminds me I need to buy one! haha thanks for that :) I have to say that sometimes it is just necessary and absolutely okay to retreat into hermit-like status for a day or two...I think it is required rejuvenating time...helps future creative spurts...or like you just had...sometimes it just takes that one "click" thing to get one going! good for you! :)J


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