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Review | Handcrafted Jacquard Camera Strap

About the Shop

Sarah shares her story:
I started my Etsy site, The Little Things by Sarah Marie, just a couple of months ago but the idea was stewing for quite some time before that. I have been playing guitar and hand sewing since I was young but just started machine sewing a little over a year ago. 
I have always loved the vintage aesthetic of old guitar and camera straps, and after picking up an old camera strap at a flea market last year I realized that I could make them! I know so many people that appreciate the style and quality of vintage items like these, and my goal is to reproduce the straps and vibes from their vintage descendants. 

I get a lot of my fabrics from online sites like Ebay and Etsy. A lot of the fabrics are new, but I get lucky from time to time when I stumble upon vintage fabrics. I go to a leather store in Sacramento for the leather that I use on the guitar straps. Leather is very expensive and hard to buy in bulk so I shop in the scrap bins. This makes shopping for the leather fun.. I never know what will be available when I go in, and so far I have been lucky to find varying shades of brown, red, black and even most recently, turquoise! Although it would be much easier (though out of my current budget) to buy bulk leather, shopping for leather scraps adds another touch of individuality to my products. I am able to use my artistic eye to pair the fabrics with the different leathers. 

Customers of my shop are getting handmade, one of a kind (or at most small batch) items that they can cherish for years to come. I have loved hearing from customers that are buying straps for birthday presents, graduations, or to just treat themselves. 
My shop has finally given me a way to give back to both the art and music community and I feel so lucky and excited to continue this project. As time continues, I am using money from sales to grow the business and be able to buy more leather so that I can make more of the camera straps with real leather (I am using a faux leather right now for most of them). 

I would like to build up my inventory and get my straps into retail locations, as well as around the necks of as many photographers and musicians as possible. 


I cannot recommend Sarah and her work highly enough.  She was a delight to work with, her customer service is top notch, and her product beyond my expectations!  The little details, such as her packaging - right down to the embroidery floss tag tie, were beautiful.
The strap itself, made with a beautiful jacquard woven trim in a pink and white floral pattern, is lined with a denim padding in the underside making for an ultimately comfy fit.  The leather ends add the perfect professional finish. 
I really love the weight of this strap, not too heavy, yet substantial enough to drape nicely and not fly around in the way when taking pictures or downloading the cam.
The sturdy, well constructed hardware feels so secure and solid, which is a very good thing when you've got your precious camera zooming up a mountain face 40 feet in the air!
And best of all, it's just plain adorable - Algy and this pink strap together are my kind of fashion accessory.

Be sure to drop by The Little Things and give Sarah some love!

Disclousure:  All thoughts shared are my own and are in no way influenced by the sponsor.  All photos by Kellie Falconer.  Product donated by the little things by sarah marie.

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  1. Ooohhhh, nice strap for the camera. Sarah Marie has a beautiful selection of great colors and options! Pink on black Algy?? Now that is a bit of Farmgirl chic!


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