Sunday, July 08, 2012

Our Fourth

Tasha's adorable Bonnie dog...
Independence Day was quiet and sweet for my family.  A BBQ at our house - with an early evening walk before and a rather hysterical photoshoot involving large and beautifully rusty heavy equipment.
This girl is simply too adorable.
make your own gif
Not to mention, a great sport:D  Love you, Tasha!
Back to the Barbecue...
The friends, family, and fellowship, the red white blue and hot dogs is great.
The history of our Nation's birth and heritage is grand.

But most of all, I'm celebrating the freedom I and my family have in Christ, which can never be taken away and that will never die.
May we always remember those who gave their lives that we can enjoy all that we've been blessed with today.  And may we always be faithful to stand up for what is right, regardless of the cost, so that our children can thank the memory of our stand for truth also.
Our fire pit rack was handcrafted by a local welder - it's such a great BBQ tool!
Badminton time!
 Hope your Fourth was filled with fun, family, and thankfulness, wherever you live!
(almost two gallons of homemade chocolate ice cream didn't hurt, either!)


  1. LOVE IT!!!!
    That was just about the best 4th ever=)

    Aww, thank you dear. And thank you for taking all of those awesome pictures of me. I love you, too!
    Hehe - that gif is cracking me up;D

    I'm working on my 4th of July post right now...

    Love you,

  2. So proud you and family had a great July 4th .. May God continue to bless each of you..
    PS. love the dress that the other girl had on.. [the check one..with cute pockets]

  3. Tasha, I love your hair! It makes me wish I hadn't chopped mine off!
    Lovely pictures, Kellie! And thanks for the reminder about celebrating freedom in Christ...because that freedom is the best of all.(:


  4. Tasha - in't the gif great? Hehe...

    Thank you! Tasha made her dress, and I can't get over how adorable it is!

    Vicki - isn't it beautiful? Her hair is so lovely and curly at the end of her braid... mine always looks like straw:)

  5. What a fabulous 4th of July celebration! Life is always better with friends and a cookout. I love that fire pit too. So very rustic with an updated design for today's needs. Now those badminton photos beat all. You and Tasha look too adorable. We had a badminton set in our yard growing up and your shoot reminded me of the many many games we played in the yard during the summer with family and friends. I must admit to being rather pathetic at playing but it is still great fun!!


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