Friday, September 21, 2012

In the Shop | Autumn Apron Line

With names like Hot Mint Chocolate, Apple Tart and Strawberry Pie, this collection is just the ticket to add a dash of deliciousness to your Autumn baking and festivities!

View the Autumn Apron Line Here!


  1. These aprons are the cutest ever! And layered with cowboy boots and lace.....they glam up an outfit better than anything going! Chic, Sassy, and creative! Putting together a look that pulls out all the stops this fall! KFD just liberated aprons from the kitchen to the fashion frontline! I can't wait to experiment with mine in these new fun ways!

  2. I love these aprons! I really need to get to work on mine, I've had the pattern and fabric for a few months now.

    BTW - one of the ladies of at the Farmgirls Forums suggested your blog to me - and I really like it! I'm so impressed by the design elements and photography. We also seem to have a lot in common, which always makes it fun to follow.

    Hope all is well - looking forward to your next creations!

  3. Hi Amy! Thanks so much for stopping by - the Farmgirl forum is such an amazing community:)

    Come again, and good luck on the apron project!


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