Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In the Shop | Autumn Tote Collection

 Wall Tent Totes - now in the shop!

Rolling out the works as fast as I can go - we're ready to begin the 2012 Autumn Collection Release!
Grab a mug of steaming cider, make a fall reading list, or break out the scarves and wellies to celebrate, because Autumn has arrived!


  1. Does drinking Pumpkin spice Coffee with the A/C on count??? These are beautiful totes and the liners are great fall colors. I am thinking these would be terrific as overnight bags, a day of thrifting in and out of shops, or stuffing a picnic lunch and blanket for a sunny spot under the changing leaves. I am staying tuned because I don't want to miss one post of the fall roll-out. Oh, and I have my pen and paper beside my keyboard for making my list of "gotta have one of those"!!

  2. Love the purple paisley lining! These totes are so cute and a great size, too!:)


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