Friday, September 07, 2012

Outfit | Chiffon and Pleats

Semi-transparent hunter dot blouse - made by me
pleated denim skirt - made by me // woven belt - f21
pearls - gift // lipstick - Retro Red by NYC

I've had this piece of vintage hunter green chiffon/rayon in my stash for over a year, unsure of what to do with it.  Last week I was really noticing a new trend I'm seeing everywhere - semi-sheer blouses with peter pan collars - and on an impulse, I decided to try  something similar on the chiffon.  I took a slice out of an afternoon to make the design, cut it out, and stitch it up, all while listening to a really beautiful Librivox recording of Bleak House - highly recommended, by the way!

Meet my new favorite top.  The drape is silky, fluid, and so very comfortable, adding a touch of fancy to a very wearable design.  The color is perfection, while the little pin dot clusters are too adorable!  A friend gave me the fabric, and I'm not sure how old it is, but the pattern looks very 40s-50s to me.
I'm hoping to make this design again - maybe with a cotton print, or even a jersey knit for winter coziness.

I also completed one of those half-finished stash projects that had me baffled last month - a box-pleated denim skirt (with pockets!).  Looks simple, but I had a terrible time getting those pleats even, and a worse time getting them to lay flat on me!  I can't wait to get a dressform.
I was hoping to add this pleated skirt, which I think turned out wonderfully, to my collection of made-to-order skirts in the shop, but until I get a dressform I think I'll wait on that one:)

And to top everything off, a string of pearls is always in season.  I finally bought myself a tube of lipstick - I went for a good rich red - which is perfect for the Autumn transition.

How would you style this blouse? And what I really want to know - would you like to see it in the shop?


  1. LOVE the blouse...would love to see it in your shop! Or custom order.... ;-) Blessings!

  2. Gorgeous blouse! And darling with the pleated denim skirt. I think that blouse would also be a home run with your brown linen half circle skirt already in the shop! This outfit reminds me of a combination that goes from work to unplanned afterwork dinner with friends. Simple and flexible for whatever the day brings up! And the new lipstick color is going to move great into fall and winter as well! Great ideas and fun new look!

  3. Kellie, your beauty amazes me! love the shirt.

  4. I really love your new blouse (what a beautiful shade of green!!) and you look more than lovely in it. I really need to sew some fall/winter clothes...

    As for how I'd style it...sadly, this style is one that does not work on me.

  5. Ooooh!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! :D
    The blouse is beautiful and the skirt turned out great!
    And I have the most gorgeous best friend ever. Really.

    Love you,

  6. And I also awarded your blog, my dear. :)

  7. Lovely outfit! The blouse is so beautiful! And I love the silhouette created with the belt. I'm also in love with the lighting in these's so magical!


  8. That is such a cute blouse!!!! And I love it with the red lipstick. I used to shy away from red but now I've been using it more often and it is so retro!! :D

  9. Pretty, pretty! I love the style you've chosen for your treasured vintage chiffon--it totally looks like something from the '40s or '50s.
    Definitely offer it in your shop; the fashion world could use more feminine blouses!

    QUOTE: "How would you style this blouse?"

    If I made it myself, I'd probably tailor the bodice a bit, as loose-fitting blouses tend to look sloppy on me, LOL. I can totally see this with a flared skirt of anything from denim to gabardine to velvet, or with a nice pair of dress slacks. Ankle-boots or Chinese flats/Mary-Janes would be the footwear of choice, with a dainty necklace/pendant and simple earrings.

    Ooh, pleats can be so brain-pickling, if not downright evil. :-P Congrats on conquering the Pleated Denim Skirt! All your skirts are so well-made and stylish, dear.

    God bless,

    The last photo is my favorite--you have a marvelous profile!

  10. Oh, and I would LOVE to see this style of blouse in your shop! So adorable and vintage. :)

  11. What a lovely blouse! Where I would like to see it is in my closet! Did you make the pattern, and can you adjust it to fit different sized people? You look very sweet, and the background scenery is ideal.

    Much love,

    Tansy & Teasel

  12. Mumsie - I'm thinking custom order is in order! Thanks for stopping by!

    Thanks, Winnie! I think you're right about the brown linen skirt. I'll have to try that soon.

    Marcia - you're too kind:)

    Tasha - Thanks, and thanks;)

    Vicki - the lighting was so nice! I'm loving it too;)

    Miss Elizabeth - I know! The idea of wearing red lips is one I've always shied away from, but now that I've tried it, it's too much fun.

    Tom - aw, my profile blushes;) You have some brilliant styling ideas here! And dear, I promise to call you tomorrow or perish in the attempt. And if I perish, be sure to call me! :smile:

    Tansy & Teasel, thank you for your kind words. Perhaps you shall! I believe we've met before - do you happen to know the family who seem to have a pioneer essence? I think you were there the day we met them. I remember Teasel was telling me about a great series she was reading...

  13. You did an awesome job! Beautiful! Wish I had more time to sew. :)

  14. I love the blouse! Did you use a pattern for it, or just make it up?


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