Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wool and What-Not | Preview

I am so excited to share the gorgeous new Fall line of the amazingly talented and beautiful Natasha Marie!

We had a ball the other day shooting our new products together.  I can't get over how scrumptious Tasha's new granny square handbags are!

Which is your favorite?  Mine is the outside of the first bag pictured, because lilac and mauve and cream and a round wooden button are too much to resist.  But I love the lining of the second one - coral pockets!  I adore pockets.

^^ Go check out the 2012 Autumn line from Wool and Whatnot here! ^^

granny square purses // bow belts // ruffles scarves (coming soon!) // laptop sleeves


  1. It's absolutely marvelous, Tasha!! I'm in love with those granny square purses! They're darling! And your bow belts are always so sweet.(:

    Lovely photos, Kellie!


  2. Ooh, what a sweet surprise! Thank you so much for sharing my goodies on your blog, dear!
    LOVE the bow belt outfit you put together!! And that shirt...I was just about ready to run off with that one;D
    That was such a fun (and productive) afternoon. :)
    Love you,

  3. The fall roll out just gets better and better!! Tasha's purses are beautiful in their rich color combos. That ruffle scarf with the denim jacket is a "Barn Burner"!! What a great photoshoot for so many exciting possibilities this fall. Looking forward to the next store stocking! Oh, and my wish list beside my key board is getting longer and longer! grin.

  4. are SO beautiful in these pictures! I LOVE! :)

  5. Thanks Vicki!

    My honor, dear;)

    Winnie, the store stocking is going like fifty - I'm so excited!

    Emily - <3 :)

  6. Thank you Vicki and Emily! :)


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