Saturday, September 22, 2012

Outfit | Granny Smith Tart

crocheted collar tee // in the shop  -  tiered denim skirt // in the shop
vanilla & plum felt headband // coming soon!   -  double buckle belt // f21  -  screw-back earrings // my grandmother's, vintage  -  grey felt flats // mossimo supply, thrifted.

I'm absolutely loving this new crocheted collar tee design - I wear one of mine at least twice a week or more.  It combines the wearability of a simple tee with the whimsy of applique and the romance of a lace blouse.

This kelly green number, paired with my classic tiered skirt design and a light brown belt, makes me think of a fresh apple tart with a dash of nutmeg and cream on a graniteware plate.
Which is a rather dangerous train of thought, seeing as there is no apple tart near by to stay my craving.

Something really ought to be done about that.  Perhaps tomorrow.


  1. Lovely outfit, Kellie! I love the lacy collar on your top! And your hair is beautiful! Did you do a messy side bun and then tuck the headband in?


  2. Beautiful outfit, once again, Kellie! I just love your styles! Also, your shop makes me want to buy everything in it...simply lovely items!


  3. Dear Kellie,
    Your shop things are so cute and look so pretty on you, and the pictures are so cute too! You look lovely wearing them too.:)

    One of your blog visitors who rarely comments (sorry) but thoroughly enjoys your blog.:)


  4. Seriously love those earrings on you! You look simply marvelous, dahling!

  5. Love your Apple Tart outfit! Complete with vintage earrings and the cutest hair style! You look beautiful and you are correct that those lace collar tees are fabulous!

  6. That is an absolutely adorable outfit, Kellie!

    You looke fanastic in 40s makeup! :D So purty....


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