Monday, March 24, 2014

March Photo-a-Day | Weeks two & three

ONE // journaling

TWO // more epic Jenga memories

THREE // an early Spring day, majestic mountains, and a vintage Brownie phone case.

FOUR // joy spills over my soul like the ripples reflected on a mountain lake in the spring sun.

FIVE // Tasha and I get our nerdy on after the swing dance... before, too, for that matter.  Actually, we never really stop.  
Dancing or being nerdy.

SIX // the day my 50mm moved in.

SEVEN // Something big is in the works... big, and edible, and nerdy.  And secret.

EIGHT // Sunlight in the studio.

NINE // Instagram moments.

TEN // Algy, dashingly attired in the new 50mm, and his girl.

ELEVEN // post from England.

TWELVE // homemade pizza - the symbol of domestic bliss

THIRTEEN // chicks and dolls

FOURTEEN // Nerdy, edible, and only a secret for one more day...

FIFTEEN // The Doctor is coming to a party near you...

The birthday girl - my dearest, unsuspecting Tasha on the day of the most epic party of all time and space.  
Project Tasha's Doctor Who Surprise Party.

Project TDWSP + A brave Dalek piñata + a bunch of ninjas  = EXTERMINATE!!!!!

It's been an amazing, fantastic, brilliant month so far.  Also a whirlwind paced one.
The excitement that comes as spring washes the landscape in new life is coloring my world with a multitudinous prism of light and ambition and thankfulness.  

It's a great feeling.


  1. Thanks Kellie- I love these posts.


  2. That Dr. Who surprise party for Tasha was a pure stroke of GENIUS! The piñata is THE BOMB! So, so clever and perfect for all the adorable Ninjas in attendance! LOl!

  3. You are fabulous, dear! Loving all of these pictures so much. <3

  4. *Gasp* Another Doctor Who fan! I knew there were more hiding somewhere... ;) Love it

  5. Ha! That had to be some party! :-)
    Is Tasha holding a sonic lipstick keycharm in the dance photo?

    And I think pretty much everything homebaked is a symbol of domestic bliss. When it's made from scratch, of course; cake mixes don't count (although, admittedly, sometimes they do, too).

    1. Tasha has the sonic screwdriver flashlight key fob. It's pretty fantastic.
      I think you're right - though box mixes don't count... sometimes they have their place too. Just not in my kitchen:D

  6. A Doctor Who party. I want one. Lovely shots, dear. *smile*

  7. DOCTOR WHO + DOCTOR WHO SURPRISE PARTY! SWING DANCING! BEST FRIENDS! PSYCH! SEWING! CHICKS! - there's too much awesome in this post. *smiles* keep being your nerdy lovely self. ;) xx


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