Saturday, March 01, 2014

Let her dance

Outfit Details:
radio diagram tee //  Crawlspace Studios
cardi - linen skirt -  Dooney and Bourke bag // thrifted
ruffle scarf // Wool and Whatnot
belt // forever 21     jacket // ModCloth
shoes // Privo (ebay)
nails // Essie: Good as Gold

Just right for a night of rad swing dancing with friends.

I am very much in love with this amazing tee from Crawlspace Studios, birthday gift from the girl who knows me better than I know myself - this girl.  I mean, I've been saying I loved the graphic tee trend going around, but wanted something different and... me.  So she gets this.  It's so cool, my bro said it was cooler than his shirt and he thinks he wears the best out there.  It's so cool that it has a vintage diagram of an old high-end radio adapted to receive at three wavelengths screen printed on it.

I happen to be a licensed HAMM radio technician - call sign KE7PXT - so... perfection in a graphic tee.
(Don't be too impressed with the HAMM technician bit - if I did it, anyone can, guaranteed.)

The dancing was so good.  Words fail.  The music was the weirdest blend of the cream of classic swing - In the Mood, Bobby Darin's La Mer cover) and electro swing-pop-country tunes, that, though kind of insane, was ridiculously fun.  Today's soundtrack (click play at the top of the post!), which happens to be the closing song for my new favorite movie, would've fit right in.

I'll be posting about Fantastic Mr. Fox, the best movie ever, soon.  Have you seen it?
  Ever swung to The Lion Sleeps Tonight?


  1. I absolutely love Fantastic Mr. Fox. :) If I were a movie, that's the one I would be. It's so awkward and quirky. And I absolutely love the soundtrack, even though there's a lot of The Beach Boys and I usually don't like them.

  2. You're so lovely, dear. :) Love this outfit so much! That color combo is perfection!!

  3. I really like your outfit. Swing dancing sounds fun! And Fantastic Mr. Fox YES! :)

  4. Such a fun post! And I love your skirt. :) And purse! <3

  5. Lovely outfit, Kellie! I especially love the combination of the polka dot skirt with the orange cardigan and leather jacket. Very nice :)

  6. Love, love, love that maxi skirt in navy dot! And your new tee is perfect for you too! The soundtrack reminds me of the music of American Band Stand from the 1950s when I watched my older sisters dance on the living room floor. Poodle skirts move over for KFD maxi swing style skirts! Just goes to show, the good things have a way of making themselves back in style!

  7. That skirt is so lovely! and the T-shirt is definitely cool. :-)
    Hm, I've never swing-danced... I think. :D The last ball I was at, the band was definitely playing some swing tunes, but since most of the dancing I did was rather improvised... But I definitely like the song. :-)

  8. Beautiful outfit Kellie! Plus it's so exciting you got a radio license; congrats!

  9. Oh so cool! When I first laid eyes on that wonderful tee, even before I read your explanation of how you it is, I said to myself, oh my that is SO Kellie Falconer! Kudos to you my friend!

    Have a splendid day rethinking of all the fun you had dancing!

    And a blessed Lord's Day to you too!


  10. this is one awesome outfit! I love it!!


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