Saturday, February 11, 2012

Do Si Do and Away I go

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I'm off on a little road trip - see you on Monday!

The community Contra dance last evening was fantastic... I wish you could all have been there=)  I've finished my cup 'o tea and have to go finish packing, but here's a little glimpse into the fun.

Happy Saturday!
P.S. Looking for a great old film to watch?  Check out this delightful new Pinterest board that Sereina, Ashley, Tasha, and myself are curating, just chock-full of classic movie inspiration!

the scarlet pimpernel {1934}



  1. Have a wonderful trip, Kellie!

    You dance looks like tons awesome! Contra dancing is so much fun!

  2. Have a lovely trip, dear:)

    And I so, so wanted to go to the contra dance with you! You know how much I did. :( Maybe someday...

    Oh, I'm having way too much fun adding pins to our film board! =)

    Love you,

  3. I've just been wandering through your site and feel I have already met so many wonderful friends already, just by reading your posts and skimming the comments. You have done a beautiful job with your blog and I hope to return often! :)

  4. Where are you running off to, dear Kellie? Wherever it is, I hope it's a wonderful adventure!

    Dancing is SO much fun - I only wish I had more opportunity to do it. :D

    Yes, I love that version of the Scarlet Pimpernel - it's fantastic.

  5. Hope you enjoyed your trip! Road trips are so much fun.

    The dancing looks like a blast!! I was fortunate enough to try dancing for the first time last month at the Grange in CDA. was square with some periods of waltzing. Where was this?

  6. That first picture puts the "aaaaawww" in "fawn." ;-) Was it on your property, or just a cute pic off the 'Net? Adorable!

    Hope you had a nice time--wherever you went.

    And someday--SOMEDAY--Lord willing, I hope to join you at the Contra Dance!

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  7. Sereina: Thanks! Contra dancing - so much fun;)

    Tasha: Next. Month. The End. ;D

    Laura: Thanks much for visiting, as well as your encouraging comment! Do come back soon!

    Chip: Moscow, actually - I just shared some more details in the latest post. I wish there were some way for you to come up to the dance someday! Or perhaps we'll organize one closer. ;)

    Rachel: How fun! The Contra was up in S.point - it would be fun to go to the CDA Grange some day, too! I'd love to square dance;)

    Wild Rose: Isn't it too cute? The picture is linked to my Pinterest
    board for the source.
    I really, really hope to see you at the dance someday! That would be fabulous.

  8. Ahh I thought it might be up there. Everything is done there! :( lol Well its once a month and entrance fee is great. Just let me know if you ever want to go and I'll tell you the info! :) :)


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