Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Guest Style: The Walk in the Woods Skirt

Today I am excited to present you with a guest fashion feature by one of my lovely Etsy customers, modeling her Walk in the Woods Skirt!
I love how she has styled two different outfits, both perfectly complementing her classic taste.

As Winnie says:
"I know this versatile yet feminine skirt will offer many reasons to wear it all of the time and I am so delighted to support one America's Young Entrepreneurs... Who knows, maybe 2012 will be the year of denim skirts from the Wall Tent design studio of Kellie Falconer!! How cool and so MaryJanes Farm is that??!! Glamping and summer are not too far off! I am off in pursuit of some boots!"

She shared her fabulous fashion over at the MaryJane'sFarm  Farmgirl Connection - click here to read her post!

The first ensemble is perfect for melting Florida summers, with it's sweet and breezy blouse, romantic, airy petticoat, and comfortable maryjane shoes.  The second is styled for a more cool day, perfectly combining farmgirl flair and classic practicability with gingham, ruffles, a neat belt, and the most adorable red leather flats.  This ensemble is very similar to the way I originally styled the skirt, as seen here!

Thank you so much for sharing, Winnie! 
I hope you are all inspired by this lovely example of the versatility of this design.

Tell me, how would you style this piece?  I'd love to hear! 


  1. How fun to get such detailed feedback from a customer! I love Winnie's style and creativity.

    QUOTE: "Tell me, how would you style this piece?"

    Probably with a country/cowgirl vibe--gingham or flowered calico shirtwaist, with girly touches here and there (such as a little ruffle on the collar), or a tailored jacket of some sort. Tall boots are a must, as well as some sort of wide-brimmed hat.
    ...and lots of little stuff to fill up those wonderfully-large pockets! ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  2. Not sure if this just posted so I will try again. "Wild Rose", I love your suggestions!It just points to the fact that this skirt is so easy to mix and match with whatever is already in your closet making it a very good value for the money. And since it is custom made, I bet Kellie could make it in a different color--white for summer or khaki for year round? Plus in her blog where she shows the skirt, you can see how she used a colored thread(red I think?) for outside stitching giving it a fun twist. Hmmm, I think I am taking myself into another one in a different color!!!

  3. Pretty much ditto what Wild Rose said - that was about what I was going to say even before I read her comment:)

    And I seriously need to borrow this skirt pattern from you, dear! And we still need to trade handkerchiefs! And I need to see you very soon...especially because a certain person I know is turning 20 soon=D

    Love you,

  4. OK, two votes for the cowgirl look confirms the need for boots! I am visiting my best friend in Atlanta in a few weeks and she shops at a country western store that has lots of boots to choose from. Maybe there will be a pair for me?? I have "old lady feet issues" so I hope there will still be choices that work? Listen carefully on 3/10 for a YeeHaw being shouted to the skies and you will know I found something!! Ha!
    Tasha- Yes, get that pattern because this summer the look is going to be Wall Tent Denim Skirt and we want you in!! Kellie-maybe we can post a threesome on a blog with the same skirt all accessorized in different ways? Oh, the fun is on!


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