Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I've been reading too much Wilde...

 A finished Etsy order - this skirt is my all time favorite.  I've sewn over a score of them by now, and they consist of over half the skirts in my wardrobe;)  In fact, I'm wearing one done up in denim as I type!

 I just received my first ever order from ModCloth!  I procured a new black wool coat, the very adorable and smart A Clear Black Night Jacket.  It's quite simply fabulous, especially as the sleeves are just the right length for gargantuan-limbed me:)  I've been embroidering little yellow rosebuds all down the front shoulder panels in the evenings.  Love.

And, included in my order was a delightful surprise - this fetching yellow striped bow headband!  It's just the thing when you're home and feeling lazy/snuggly but want to add a bit of vintage glam;)  I've worn it all day for three days in a row... obsessed much?
I couldn't resist adding these stunning notebooks from Rifle Paper Co. to my order to get the free shipping offer - and I'm so glad I did!  Really, it's not like me to buy anything at all... I'm a Scottish penny-pincher through and through=)  but every once in a great while, I'll splurge on something I want most desperately.  I know that because usually I'll think about buying it for weeks or months beforehand.  These journals fit the ticket.  
:Happy sigh:
I've been freshening up the blog design - what do you think?  Does it load too slowly?  Too cluttered?  I love feedback!  
I have a fun idea for a new header photo shoot - because seeing me staring at me like some sort of waxworks every time I see the blog is getting a little on my nerves, to tell the truth.
But the overall scheme looks rather pretty by lamplight. :)
And, my friends, I received a long-awaited packet from England today!
I'll never get over the thrill of seeing Royal Mail.  It's so beautiful;)  But even the postage was little regarded this time as I tore open the wrapper and beheld...

...well, suffice to say you'll be seeing it soon in a photo shoot.
And that I actually screamed with ecstasy.  Although that's not saying much, because I can't scream.  Sounds more like a seagull than anything...

Wonderful Wednesday, friends, and stay tuned for something big.  Huge.  And really, really exciting.

P.S. What does Oscar Wilde have to do with this post, you might ask?  Nothing whatsoever.  Except that delving into his works for long never fails to plunge my writing and vocabulary into a bizarre and dryly English sense of humor...

"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."


  1. LOVED everything in this post!

    Yup, my absolutely favorite skirt pattern ever. It's perfect.
    I can't wait to see your embellished coat! And the headband looks super cute=)

    Adorable notebooks are so necessary.:)

    I LOVE all of the changes you've made to your blog!

    Looking forward to seeing the photoshoot pics and hearing about the something big, huge and really, really exciting! =D

    Love you,

    P.S. You claim that you can't scream, yet I've never heard you try. I need proof, dear. Well? ;D

  2. I love the pockets on that skirt! Plus the skirt hanging up next to the teacup and piano music just makes a lovely photo! And good choice with the journal, by the way! Now I feel like I need to go read some Oscar Wilde...

    Hope you have a wonderful Thursday! :)

  3. That is one cute jacket, girlie--and little yellow rosebuds on it will make it so sweet.

    I like the new header. I can see how it would be a little eerie for you, but personally, I think your picture looks like the cover of a Scottish novel. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  4. Love the new jacket! Quite classy and smart looking! And your skirt is something anyone could use and have fun creating different looks. As a reader, I never tire of your photo being front and center. That being said, I am very curious to see what other creative ideas you have up your sleeve! Surprise us!

  5. Brown is the best...lovely skirt.

  6. Could that package be what I think it is? CK, perhaps?

    love, rosi

  7. Thanks for all of the sweet comments!

    And Rosi, you have a sharp eye....;)


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