Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fish Tale

Two Autumns ago, my Grampy came for a visit, and we went fishing at the lake all week.  Once we drove out just at dawn, and even though we didn't catch anything that early, and it was so cold we could hardly breath, I think it was worth it for the spectacular view of the morning fog lifting off the shimmering water's surface.  It was ethereal.
The next day, Someone did catch a fish!  Is there anything more special than the look in a child's eyes when they catch a fish of their very own?  I just love it:)
Another day, we decided to take the driftboat out on the lake - all eight of us.  Crazy?  Yes.
Way too much fun?  Also yes!
Just fishin, tootlin, and drinkin root beer...

A loaded stringer!
Just for the record, my brother caught this fish.  It was not only the biggest catch of the day, but it was his only catch.  

I caught all of the rest.
When you get to pull something like that off on your big brother, you just have to feel a little bit proud.

But when it's all in the pan, cornmeal crusted, nothing really matters except for the satisfaction of a day spent together, catching a meal, then coming home and enjoying it together.

It's the best!


  1. Love thoses early am foggy photos! Wow, just beautiful! And what a beautiful site of fresh catch in the pan for dinner. Yummy! In the south we would also serve cheese grits and hush puppies along with a fish fry. Do you do the same out west???

  2. I'm a stranger to you, but a fellow blogger. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I LOVE you feminine, vintage-esq style! It's so rare these days to find girls that truly uphold modesty, yet have a classy sense of style. Keep doing what you are doing! I've really enjoyed looking through your blog - it's been a treat. :)



    PS Your hair is lovely too! I like the sweet styles that do, too.

  3. Fishing sounds fun! =) its been awhile since i have done that...

    I love the way you did the photos too!!! =)


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