Thursday, March 08, 2012

No Need to Say Goodbye

Quite unexpectedly, I am heading out of town!   My sister and I are travelling with my Dad down to California to help him with some work he has down there.
It might be two to three weeks before I get back. I'm hoping to be able to sign in here and there along the way, but I can't count on that.

So in the meantime, I'm setting up a few fun scheduled posts, delving into the photo and memory archives to share some never before seen documents.  I hope you enjoy them:)  We even have a superb giveaway in store...

The fabulous Tasha will be chatelaine of Accordion to Kellie in my absence, moderating comments and keeping the home fires burning.  You may even find a great guest post or two by our lovely blog sitter!

Also, I am extending all of my sponsor's ads for one more month, as I won't be able to manage them till I'm back;)  So if you are a sponsor  of Accordion to Kellie, your ad will remain in the sidebar until April the 15th.

I'll miss you all so much!  Stay tuned for new stories, pictures, and memories when I return from this latest adventure.  I've left the key in the lock, so be sure to drop by as usual and make yourselves at home here!

See you soon!



  1. Oh my word - this picture is adorable. Is it one you took?

  2. Isn't it adorable? Click on the photo for credit.

  3. I have shoes a lot like those....

    We'll miss you Kellie!

  4. Just found yr blog, love it!
    Blessings, Caroline Leigh.

  5. We will miss you! Looking forward to hearing about some adventures when you return. Drive carefully!

  6. I love that you've "left the key in the lock"! It's an especially sweet gesture since no one does that sort of thing anymore. Enjoy your journey! :)

  7. Have fun on your trip! It sounds exciting and fun!

  8. Sun shiny Cali? Bring some home :) Have fun!


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