Friday, March 16, 2012

Wall Tent Tour, Volume One | The Beginning

Rake, pruner, saw and transit prepared the new tent site, and I have my wonderful brother Aubrey to thank for doing so much to get the whole thing set up.  He did an amazing job building the platform (with support and assistance from yours truly:) and helping me figure out how to set up my new home.
You can read where I first posted about my new adventure here, last June!
This is the complete tent package.  My entire house fits in a dufflebag!
The design of this tent is simply genius.  Each piece had it's place, and now that we've figured out how to do it, the thing only takes about ten minutes from start to finish to erect!
Next, we used a huge logging tarp as the tent fly, and once again, it was due to my brother's genius that we somehow got that giant, ridiculously heavy thing to hang nearly 20 feet in the air, protecting the tent (and my belongings) from heavy rains.
That part was rather scary...;)
The process of setting up a new house is so exciting!  The first week or so, this was the general configuration.  For the first time in my life, I had all of my shoes together in one place instead of being stowed away in boxes and barrels, and I could finally put out pictures and decorate!   Some friends actually gave me the beautiful blue carpet, which not only was the perfect size, but is a lovely short pile texture that is great for sweeping out with the broom.

Yes, living in the tent all summer long really is like a fairytale - everything is warm, breezy, and light, and when the living is easy, camping outdoors for the summer is just the best.

When winter comes around, that changes to a much more difficult, challenging adventure, and the living isn't so easy.  Every day is a battle with the elements, and struggling to simply survive takes strength and determination.  I was blessed with a remarkably light winter this year, but even so, I've never looked forward to the warm, carefree summer life with so much eagerness before! =) 

 But in spite of everything, getting to call this magical place my home for going on one year is an adventure I wouldn't trade.  I am so thankful.
Stay tuned for part two:  The interior!


  1. You actually live in a tent?? Wow-- I have seriously never heard of doing that (in the United States that is) but it sounds like a remarkable adventure! I admire your courage in facing the elements. :)
    I hope you'll post some more pictures of the interior-- and I LOVE your rocking chair. :D

  2. I am very curious about how you keep warm in the cold weather. Tent living sounds like such a fun adventure!

  3. I love the photo journey of how this all got set up! Let's hear it for older brothers!!! Beautiful setting too! Yep, Kellie Falconer Design Studio is quite unique and so perfect for a North Idaho entrepreneur!!

  4. I so loved this post. I am very curious about tent living!

  5. Awww, how sweet! Kellie, your little tent home is like a dream come true. And I love your fashion style of long skirts. You look so happy, and your place is beautiful. Many happy years for you! :)

  6. This is so neat and I am quite jealous!! :D So why are you living in a tent? How far is it from your parents home and like Emily said: How do you keep warm? Love your blog and have been listening to your playlist while doing school! Going to post your button on my blog.

  7. Emily - I have a small woodstove set up, and it's been perfect.

    Thanks so much, Meg!

    Iris - I shared a bit on the 'why' in this post:

    It's about 50 feet away from my parent's abode:)
    So thrilled that you're been enjoying your visit here! I love to listen to the playlist while I'm working or studying, too:)

  8. Where did you get your tent?

  9. I bought it locally off of Craigslist.

  10. Dear Miss Kellie,

    I too have been wondering where you got this spectacular tent. I saw your links to Maryjane's Outpost and MaryJane Butter's bed and breakfast. There were no clues there,and that sent me searching for prices on wall tents.

    Wow, some wall tents can be rather pricey! I wondered how you knew to choose what you bought.

    I see from your answer above that you found your tent on Craigslist. Would it be rude to ask you around how much it cost? Of course, if you would rather not say, I understand.

    Eager to read more!
    ~ Spice


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