Thursday, March 01, 2012

They're Gone!

So, I heard of the upcoming discontinuation of Google Friend Connect several months ago in passing - as it related to non-blogger blogs, I decided not to worry about it much.  Not being very tech-savvy anyway, I didn't give it another thought... till this morning.

I woke up to find my GFC followers widget had vanished forever!  Why?  Why?   First Blogger savagely eats 50 comments, then it annihilates my followers!  Ahhh!

I'm sure those of you who have blogs of your own can relate to how much followers subscribing to a blog means to the blogger.  It's the building of a network of readers who care enough to come back again and again to read what you have to say... and that is so encouraging to a lonely writer, sitting at her desk and staring at her blog, wondering "Does anyone really read this stuff anyways?"  Seeing the numbers swell, one caring person at a time, is such an exciting feeling.  And I have been extremely excited as we neared two hundred followers in my little GFC box, sitting there in the sidebar.

And that's where all this fiasco started - my little GFC widget was installed from the code brought over from my old blog, where I already had fifty seven followers.  Instead of activating the built-in GFC widget in the Blogger layout, I just entered the code I already had.  Simple, right?  And I had found a way to bring all of the followers already subscribed to my writings over to the new blog, Accordion to Kellie.

All of the custom GFC settings were updated to my new Blogger account, and everything looked set to go.

Till this morning.  
The little box that one hundred and ninety-one of you, my amazing readers, had opted to click on and join the bandwagon - had vanished, leaving me despondent and, I candidly admit, rather frantic.  
But after awhile, quite peaceful.
You all didn't disappear.  Only my precious little GFC number, which I had, in a way, been looking on as a judge of my merit as a blogger.

I'll still write, whether the little box in my sidebar reads five or five hundred.  And I've been reminded to place the  real value of my blogging in your wonderful comments, rather than how large a number shows up in my little followers box.  
Does that number really judge one's value as a blogger?  Twenty equals a tiny, insignificant little one, three hundred equals an up-and-coming one, and eight hundred or more means fame and popularity?  If, so, I'll gladly trade in my silly little number for feedback from all of you who really care enough to follow me on this creative adventure.  I want to share it all with you, and every time someone comes across this little blog and is blessed by something they find, my mission is accomplished.  

Now for the perfect irony.

After I removed the useless, discontinued GFC code from my template, I had an idea.

I looked in the list of Blogger gadgets.  Yes, there it was, the built-in followers gadget that I had never installed, not needing it because of my previous GFC code from the old blog. 

I clicked add, and there was the familiar little box... but with members already in it!  Somehow, part of those of you who had already subscribed in that method had gone into this uninstalled gadget, and were there, waiting in limbo;)  Go figure...

Fifty-seven.  The very same number that I originally started out this new blog with.  Well, let's try it again from the top, shall we?

Do I love it when somebody subscribes to this blog?  Yes, a thousand times!  Each time I give myself a little hug.  But whether that subscription come in the form of GFC, Feedburner/RSS, or simply a comment letting me know that someone has found my blog and enjoyed it, is all the same to me.  A little number in my sidebar ought to have nothing to do with it.
And if you made it all the way to the bottom here, I salute you.  Thanks for putting up with my little rant slash ramble in the world of hopeless computer illiteracy.

And if you were following my blog via Google Friend Connect previously, I humbly invite you re-follow in the method of your choice so we can stay in touch.  Your readership means so much to me!

Lots of love,

P.S. I hope the pictures generated a smile or two;)


  1. Losing followers is definitely a sad thing... but it's also a way to find out who your real readers are, the people devoted enough to re-follow you. ;)
    I think your blog is really lovely, and cannot possibly remain with a small number of devoted followers for long! I'll put your button on my sidebar... maybe it'll help!

    eve @ essence of eve

  2. I panicked, too...I mean, I just hit the 100 mark only a few months ago, and that took two years of blogging!!! - until I realized that I never had installed Google Friend Connect on my blog. HAHAHA. Then I was like...oh. Ok. :-D

    I still follow! :-) Cheer up...are we not more to you than 1000 followers? ;-)

    Google/Blogger does drive me INSANE sometimes.

  3. Oh, you are positively fabulous, dears.
    And much, much more to me than 1000 followers;D

    Thanks so much for grabbing my button, Eve!

    How is it that I feel like the most amazing, encouraging people seem to frequent my blog? Perhaps because they do;)

  4. Blogger is, at times, a vicious, hungry monster...but still, I use it:)

    I've re-followed you with pleasure=)

    *grin* The pictures certainly made me smile...especially the last one, combined with "I salute you". Pretty much made my evening;)


    P.S. I've been watching the BBC Robin Hood today and, although it has it's failings which we've already discussed, Richard Armitage makes an awesome Sir Guy!! He was the reason why, I'll admit, that I even decided to watch the series. It was worth it. <3

  5. The top picture is priceless! :) Excellent choice of photos by the way, definitely gave me a giggle! :)

  6. I guess I never used Google friend connect, as it hasn't affected me! This is random, but I've been in that garden in that last picture! They made me smile all the way through:-)

  7. gosh, computers can just be so frustrating!! And the worst part is the hours and hours it takes to get back on track. GRRR! I am glad it all worked out again for your tracking purposes, but rest assured those of us who love this blog will not be deterred by Google Connect gadget! We just keep you in our list of favorites and click on the link anytime we want to visit. We will keep connected the old fashioned way! So there Blogger button-You can't mess us our fun!!!Ha!

  8. That is indeed a terrible thing to happen, but I wouldn't worry too much, knowing the awesome posts you write, soon you will have surpassed the number of followers you had!

    Loved the pictures and it did cause me to smile :D

    Lots of Love,

  9. Hey Kellie - just met you via a question you asked in the Blogger forum. I too, blame a mental lapse, deleted all my comments from my blog.
    Don't know if you got an answer but here is a fix that requires a bit of cut and paste but works.
    And you love your readers so they're worth a little cut and paste...

  10. Kellie,
    I'm so sorry that this has happened. It makes me sad. But rest assured that I will still be a frequent reader of your blog, no matter what! I now subscribe by email :)


  11. Winnie: Blogger - Ha! :grin:

    And Maria, thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate your sharing that link, and that's actually what I ended up doing;) I'm so sorry the same thing happened to you - I do feel your pain=(

  12. Oh noes!!! :-O Mean old nasty Blogger! Glad the solution was simple, though. *Whew*

    I have re-followed you (now maybe Blogger will show updates from this site, rather than redirecting me to the old one :-P) and look forward to seeing what's new and exciting in the life of Miss Kellie. ;-)

    And those pictures are so cute!
    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~


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