Friday, March 23, 2012

Wall Tent Tour, Volume Two | The Summer Interior

Won't  you saunter down my little path... adorned with cedars, wild roses, daisies, and the old chicken coop, it's truly a delightful walk!
At the end lies the Wall Tent, shown here in all of it's newly erected June glory.
The emblem of an Idaho Farmgirl - wild syringa, fresh picked lilies,  and a good pair of rubber boots.  Or if I'm in a Scottish Mood, wellies;)
I took a large bolt of bridal netting and draped it over the porch area, using clothespins to keep it in place.  Where I live, mosquito netting is a must;)
Especially as the tent flap is tied back all day in the summer, letting the forest breeze come in and out at will.

In spite of the screen porch, these little fellows somehow got in every evening to flutter around the lamp, and their little shadows cast against the walls and ceiling of the canvas looked like little fairy wings.  Each morning, they would be perched on the walls like some sort of butterfly collection.
Iced tea, rocking on the screen porch, and fresh flowers - I love summer!
The sunlight dapples the canvas walls, while the trees gently blowing in the wind move their shadows about.  It's beautiful.

My needlework station
Napping station

Now I'm wildly longing for summer - can it be only a few short months ago since I was living in this little paradise of cool forest greens, summer breeze and dappled sunlight?

At the moment, it's the typical gorgeous Idaho spring weather outside: snow.  Snow and mud.  Mud and more snow... but the good part?

Don't like the weather?  Look out the other window! :)

What's the weather like in your world?


  1. What a delightful tour of your home and work studio!! This is one incredible adventure in living and an inspiration to others looking for a way on a low budget income! Mary Jane Butters has started a new way of possibility by using the wall tent option. Amazingly simple but rugged enough for any climate! And the weather in my corner of the world you ask?? We are about bloomed out from a warm winter and early spring!! It has been about 80 degrees every day for the past 3 weeks with no change forecast any time soon! When you are finally getting your beautiful summer, we will be sweltering in heat and humidity in this sub tropical part of the US! And mosquitoes?? We joke that they are really the state bird!! Ha!!

  2. Really lovely! :)

    I had to laugh because I have those exact same navy blue rubber boots. :) And is that Alicia Paulson's Daisychain alphabet sampler at your needlework station?


  3. I'm trying to talk my mom into letting me buy some land and live in a wall tent. :) She said she'd be more comfortable if it were a cabin...

  4. Lovely pictures! We had 6" of snow the other day, but the constant rain since has melted it off. Things are greening up a bit down here.

    We have the same hammock. Ours hangs between the apples trees.

    I do hope to set up the wall tent we were given. I do not believe it will be as lovely as yours, but it will provide a little getaway and space for guests this summer.
    Just wondering about what to about a loo for guests out there...Suggestions?

  5. Hey, stumbled upon your blog here. Wall tents are so cool. I haven't slept in one since boy scouts. It's awesome that you're actually living in one. I'm still in a regular house like some kind of amateur.
    As for the weather, here in East TN it's been warm and humid, alternating between sunny and pouring rain. Seemingly by the hour. This is my first spring in TN. I grew up in Southern California where it's dry, warm, and sunny pretty much year round.
    Anyway, I'll have to check out the rest of your blog. Carry on.

  6. Hey everybody! Thanks so much for the wonderful comments you're all been leaving - it's such a treat to have them all waiting for me=)

    Winnie - yep, that's a popular joke around here too;D

    Kristen - Fun! Those boots are indispensable, aren't they? I'm wearing them as I type, in fact... And yes, it is the Daisychain alphabet sampler - I was commissioned to complete it for a customer;) I adore Alicia Paulson's work and blog!

    Mary Beth - I think that's wonderful! Perhaps one day your dream will come true.

    Kimberley - a hammock in the apple trees sounds perfect. I could use one this very moment;)
    I'd love to see some pictures when you do get your tent set up! It will be the perfect summer guest house and getaway.
    I would research the options that would fit your location best, but off the top of my head I could recommend this -
    Ahem... not the most lovely subject, but you have to do what you have to do:)

    And Justin - happy you stopped by, and thanks for leaving a note! Wall tents are quite awesome.

  7. You mean syringa and Oriental lilies grow wild at your place? Cool! (Oh, so that's what syringa looks like! I've yet to see it in person.)

    Strange how a few feet in elevation can make such a difference...we have hardly any mosquitoes on our end (don't hit me).

    Ah, yes, North Idaho--the only place where it can be partly sunny and snowing at the same time! Or snowing/raining in the front yard and sunny in back! Craziness. :-P

    Your kitties are so adorable! But then, I love cats in general, especially gingers, as half the cats we had growing up were orange-and-white, LOL. I assume that's Miss Mildred?

    You've nearly persuaded me to get me own wall-tent, lassie...almost. ;-)

    God bless,
    ~"Wild Rose"~

  8. If only it didn't rain so much over here...(: your wall tent is beautiful!

    You know, I thought I had been following your blog until I realized...well, I wasn't. I'm going to change that! You have a lovely blog!


  9. Hi I'm Abeln Kriegler, a Canadian, originally of Nova Scotia, living life across the pond in London, England with my beardy British beau and a very cranky cat.
    Vestidos de Noiva

  10. Hello again Miss Kellie,

    We have camped nearly every year over the last 10 to 15 years..never long outings, just short excursions of no more than 3 days.

    I love campfires and wood-stoves,and I am of course am fascinated by the idea of a safari type of tent life.

    I am so happy for you actually accomplishing your dream. It gives me hope. At first, God forgive me, I was a bit jealous of you - I know; that is terrible. But I am not jealous anymore, just happy that someone found their dream.

    The little corner all your own, your wood-stove and tea kettle, your own laptop, a place to create and not have to answer to anyone else about how and when you clean up your current project...all these aspects make your wall tent extremely desirable.

    I am amazed thought that you live in Idaho! You must be one sturdy young lady.

    I do hope that you continue to share your cozy life with us here on your blog. I am one for details and soak-up, and drink-in every incy wincy morsel.

    Thank you for sharing!
    ~ Spice


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