Thursday, May 31, 2012

From the Kitchen | German Chocolate Ice Cream

 This is a little piece of bliss.  Homemade, Alpenmilch Schokolade Noisette peppermint ice cream.

A friend and neighbor recently returned form a trip to Germany, and bless her, she brought back a goodly bundle of the most delicious Schokolade ever.  We've had a surplus of milk lately, as well, so what could be more reasonable than to whip up some ice cream?

We made this four days in a row.  It's that good.  (Not to mention, there's that much cream that has to be dealt with!)
 Guaranteed 100% Swiss milk.
12.0z Chocolate  (We used less - it was still phenomenal) 
1 1/2 C sweetened condensed milk
1 1/2 tsp vanilla
1 tsp salt
5 drops peppermint oil
3 3/4 C heavy well-chilled cream
Melt chocolate and milk over the stove
Add vanilla, salt, & peppermint
Whip cream till stiff peaks form
Very gently, fold chocolate into half the cream, then fold the rest of the cream in, a little at a time.
Pour into a freezer tight container
Freeze for exactly six hours.  Give a little longer if you need to, but it's peak of perfection is 6 hours.  Ice crystals start to form after that, affecting the texture.
Grab yourself a bowl before it's all. licked. up.


  1. Hazelnut Swiss Chocolate?! YUM!

    Thank you for the recipe! I've been wanting to try your fig newtons for a while, so I don't know which one I want to do first...

  2. Oh gosh-- where are the bowls and spoons?? That looks so delicious and what an amazing simple recipe!! No wonder you made a batch 4 days in a row! Nothing beats homemade ice cream! Pure cold creamy bliss!!

  3. Oh wow!!!
    I'll be right up!
    I must say, I am glad not to have so much milk and cream to deal with anymore. Though ice cream is sounding good...

  4. Oh my, Kellie! This looks incredible! Can't wait to try this! I can imagine why you guys made it 4 days in a row! I know I would! I have a weakness for chocolate... of any sort! Now all my family and I need to do is get that jersey cow we've been talking about! : )

  5. Are you saying you don't need to run this thru an ice cream freezer? Wow! sounds like a keeper recipe for sure.

  6. Best wishes if you try this, ladies! Yes, it really doesn't take an ice cream freezer! We're loving it:)

  7. Mmmmmmmm. Gonna have to try this recipe in the near future! :D


  8. Ooh...*faints*...that sounds DELICIOUS!!! =D

  9. Oh great. Now I'm drooling all over my keyboard.... ;-)

    Like others have said, this recipe sounds wonderfully easy and delicious, and I'll have to try it at least once this Summer. (And how fabulous that you had German chocolate to make yours with!)
    Thanks for sharing!

    God bless,


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