Wednesday, May 09, 2012

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Coming up with a sincere and unique brand can be the most difficult task ever.  Most of us have an eclectic range of tastes, styles, ideas, and likes that all overlap.  Deciding just what to keep as part of your individual brand and what to pass by, however much you may love it, can be intensely frustrating!

Red & turquoise look amazing together, and I just love coral and sea foam, while my favorite retro green + cream never fails to make my inner aesthetic blissful.  But how to incorporate everything into a unified whole that is instantly recognizable, integrated, coordinated, and relatable?

That's when you pull out the drawing board.
In this case, I pulled out a fresh new Pin board and started collecting anything and everything that seemed to convey my personal style and image.  After a while, patterns and themes started to form - green, berry, forest, cream, mustard, outdoor living spaces, canvas, farmgirl fashion, quirky fonts, timeless style, lace meets leather, vintage meets rustic design.

I then put it all together into a collage, and it clicked.  I've started the blog makeover already, and it's almost done - just a few more tweaks now:)  I've also been planning a gigantic makeover for the Shop, as well as getting a whole new look for, which is currently in dire need of attention... :)

Needles to say, some enormous and exciting changes are coming soon to the Wall Tent Studio, and I am so excited about all of this!  I see a turning point just ahead, and my notebook is filled to bursting with inspiration, new product lines, project ideas, and lists, lovely lists.

I've finally found an image I love, and I hope you all see something in it that speaks to you, as well.  My desire is to create a brand that resonates with people from all walks of life - so that they can find something meaningful, beautiful and genuine in what they see.

Stay tuned as the journey continues!


P.S. Many thanks to Hannah Nichole for the branding inspiration!


  1. Love your little board. I am really thinking about starting pinterest...I may start after I get done with school. Might steal some pics from your board! :D

    Checked out your website. Beautiful. Hopefully you'll get some customers soon. How about sewing some German traditional clothing? You can ask up to $600 for good work and I know many American's are interested and you do a good job sewing!


  2. So far everything I've ever seen for your little corner of the world has been amazing - so be encouraged! It's great to be growing and expanding. Contentment is also a beautiful thing (which I keep telling myself!) Always enjoy what you post and share.

  3. Oh the color pallet is great! So many beautiful and fun ways to combine colors. And that new tag line is quite inviting too. Who wouldn't want to be seen having all 3 qualities? All of these hints are just too exciting-- I can't wait to see how you put them all together for your new branding campaign!


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