Friday, May 18, 2012

The Little Yellow Schoolhouse + Very Darling Shoes

This is the little yellow schoolhouse, built for the children of Cocolalla, Idaho in 1909.  Throughout the decades, it's been the educational and social hub for this logging and mining community, and was only retired as the official school building in the 80s.  It's since been modernized by the addition of plumbing, electric, and central heat, but the old-fashioned kitchen still retains it's beadboard cupboards and broom closet, the front hall has the most delightful creak in the floor, and the woodstove, ancient piano, and marvelous blackboard in the main room are full of original charm.  The blue gingham curtains and awesome chairs straight out of the seventies are icing on the cake.

Our home church group meets here occasionally, and the blackboard is regularly updated with the happenings of the week by numerous small people.
We also meet here on Fridays for 4-H sewing, which my mom leads.  The sewing machines hum, the little girls giggle and cut and baste, and the iron fills the air with a warm, brassy perfume.
Today, I wore my Very Darling Shoes for the first time.
These, my friends, are the Very Darling Shoes.  When you have been adoring something in your Pinterest board for nearly a year, and it goes on clearance, it's time to get excited.  But when you wear a shoe size that is excessively hard to procure, namely, a size 11, and there is a pair of the something you have been adoring in your Pinterest board for nearly a year, and is on clearance IN YOUR SIZE, it's time to take action.

So naturally, I did.

  I couldn't be happier with my purchase.  These are some of the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn, and that's almost ludicrous to say of a pair of heels!  Additionally, these are the first pair of heels I've ever worn that actually fit.  These ones are actually a 10, and I can hardly walk in them;D
The Grey Sweater - Amazon
green tee - thrifted
Walk in the Woods Skirt - made by me
double-buckle belt - F21
hairbow - Modcloth
Eurostep heels - Famous Footwear
canvas tote - made by me (coming soon to the shop!)
sewing machine - my Grandmother's Pfaff 

I've been working day and night on the new shop makeover - a whole pile of bunting banners were added to the inventory today at sewing.  The schoolhouse was the perfect backdrop for some listing photos!
Also, try this if you need a little manufactured sunshine in your day.
1. Get a hold of some round kraft adhesive labels.
2. Print something on them, preferably a lovely shop logo.
Instant happy!
                      Come Again!



  1. Absolutely adorable!
    Love those shoes...if I look at them too long, I just know I'll cave and buy a pair for myself;)
    Ooh! LOVE the purple bunting=D
    See you tomorrow, dear:)

  2. Oh my! How picturesque! And I love your shoes....

  3. First time comment (quiet reader for awhile) but as a fellow size 11 shoe wearer I had to say GOOD DEAL!!!
    Perhaps a petition needs to be started for cute shoes in large sizes, that aren't outlandishly priced?

  4. When I attended St.Anne's School for girls in the 1960s , we wore shoes like that only flat. They were the recommendation of the Dean of Students and my Dad delighted in my having to continue to wear "sensible" ***grin*** shoes !! Ha!!!

  5. What a great gathering place! Wish we had something like that here.
    You look so darling!

  6. Oooooh, the shoes!!!!!!!!

    I know how it is about sizes...I wear an 8 and it must be like, the most common size out there because I'll always find a darling pair of shoes and they'll have them in every size BUT an eight. :-D Anyway. ADORABLE!

  7. Lovin' those gingham curtain - I feel you love for getting shoes altho I can't truly relate - and car to share how to make such cute labels? I am grahpic artist/design deficient - and need to be styling some stuff!!!

  8. Kellie, I think you just endeared yourself even more to the size 11 shoe-wearers among your readers :) I must say it is encouraging - it's easy to feel like the only one with feet this size and the difficult task of finding shoes to outfit them! ;)
    Lovely post - the schoolhouse is charming!

  9. I would soooo love to see that old schoolhouse and just "feel" the old time excitement of being a new teacher far from home teaching to a group of students all ages...*sigh*.


  10. I just ADORE those shoes...they have such a vintage feel to them! The schoolhouse is precious, too!


  11. Bonnie and Libbyleu - We're not alone! I've often thought that someone needs to make a truly darling shoe line in our size... there are actually quite a few women I know alone that wear an 11 or larger. Something must be done! ;)

    Winnie - hehe... the good pair of shoes have arrived, but with a grown-up and stylish twist! 'Tis a good sign:)
    I just love that wingtip style, heeled or flat. Such a classic.

    Alexandra - Grr. I can imagine that's almost worse... though at least you can know that they do make it in that size;)

    Joyce - I'd love to share my method for printing on took me over an hour to figure it out by myself, as my helpful brother is out of town at the moment. But the satisfaction was that much greater when it was done! :)

    Iris - isn't that thrilling? There are old photos on the walls of the first classes and their adorable teacher. It makes me want to write a story about them:)

    Thanks so much for all of the delightful comments, y'all - they're such a blessing!

  12. *Gasp* What adorable shoes! And the little school house is darling. How neat that you get to visit it so often!

  13. ooh, how fun! It is such a quaint, old-fashioned, schoolhouse. <3 I love it! And nice shoes, by the way! :D

  14. I never would have guessed you take a size 11 (that's meant as a compliment, BTW <3). I didn't say so yesterday, but I did notice your shoes. They remind me of Ashley (Bramblewood Fashion)'s "Oxford heels"! Very stylish. But then, you always look fabulous, dear. ;-)

    Historic buildings are so romantic, and it's so nice when they're preserved for future generations to enjoy, aye?

    God bless,


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