Monday, May 21, 2012

These Sisters of Mine

Last night, my sisters descended on me and insisted that I download the camera.
It appears that they had commandeered it for the afternoon, in the hopes of creating something that might make Kellie's blog.

Let's just say that I am very impressed... 

The following work is entirely due to Ellen, Lilly, Matilda and Clara... all I did was download the camera.  And help edit them:)

Here we have an enormous, stupendously awesome slug they discovered in the garden... I knew they were playing with the slug for the better part of two hours, but what I didn't know that they were subjecting him to a photo session, complete with dandelion & plantain arrangements...!
They put him in the duck pen later, but the ducks were too terrified to make any advances to eat him.  God's methods of self-preservation for His creatures are truly amazing.

But the crowning glory is the dollhouse shoot they created.  Most of the clay miniatures and the doll were made by Lilly.  She is planning to open up a clay doll miniatures Etsy shop as soon as 'her technique is perfected.'
Most of the photography and styling by Ellen.
The doll's .45 colt is kept in the kitchen hutch drawer... just so you know.  In case something's getting into the chicken coop.

And yes... there's even an accordion. *melts*
Happy trails, y'all!


  1. Definitely brightened my day :) Your sisters are so creative! Looks like they had a fun afternoon!

  2. How adorable! Your sisters are quite talented, Kellie.

  3. Awww...! I'm lovin' the dollhouse pix. Lilly is quite the clay artist. The doll is adorable--is she another creation by one of the Falconer Sisters?

    QUOTE: "The doll's .45 colt is kept in the kitchen hutch drawer...."
    Ahahaha--somehow it totally fits that this innocent-looking dolly would own a handgun. Obviously somebody has a quirky sense of humor. ;-)

    Thanks for sharing your sisters' mad photography skills. :-)

    God bless,

  4. I love all these pictures! Even the one of the slug is beautiful.(: Your family's dog is gorgeous! My grandfather's family used to breed Bernese dogs, and my grandma had the most lovable one named Baloo. It brings back such find memories! Ah--and that little accordion is darling!


  5. WOW! Did Lily make all that stuff?! She SO needs to open an Etsy shop! The accordion is so cute:)

  6. What a wonderful surprise from your sweet and talented sisters!! They are definitely "watching big sister" and learning the ropes of developing their artistic talents! The dollhouse photos remind me so much of my Jessica who spent hours and hours creating clay sculpted food and accessories for her doll house. Lilly did a fine job and it seems that the "entrepreneur bug" is spreading like wild flowers up there this spring! Tell Ellen she did a great job of capturing the show! And sweet , happy Rosie shared her best pup smile for the photo shoot!

  7. hi thanks for following your blog now..looking for to visit more...blessings

  8. Excellent, delightful photos by the 'hoodlums'!!

    Lilly is very talented at clay sculpting! I love all of the dollhouse pics. The Colt .45 in the drawer made me laugh - that is soooo Lilly! ;D And the accordion is beautiful!!

    Loved this post=)
    And love you too, dear:)

  9. i love the photos , your sisters are so beautiful and cute. I love the doll,:), how talented you are girls!

  10. You have some sweet and talented little sisters! :) Cherish them!


  11. Today I took one of your "fashion" pictures in my post and linked it to your blog as an example of modesty. Visit to see it! :)


  12. Simply lovely photos! Lilly's dollhouse miniatures are incredible. Good luck on her Etsy shop!

  13. I thought the weapon in the drawer was a hatchet! Sorry, Lizzie Borden moment there. I do love the miniature scenes; they must have taken so much effort! Keep up the good work! :D

  14. Has Lily opened a shop yet?? I can't wait!!!:)


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