Saturday, October 06, 2012

Blue Skies

Life is not a photoshoot.
Dreamily sitting in a meadow reading Shakespeare or sitting at a treadle sewing machine clad in tea-dyed lace and worked muslin isn't quite how my days seem to roll.  Ha.
In fact, my days are rolling so fast that I'm not quite sure how they roll at all - it's all I can do to stay on the ball and not get squished.  

But getting to imagine and create that perfect version of my world, capturing it and molding it into a business plan to share with the world is incredibly exciting, and I am so thankful that I have the freedom to do what I do.  As usual, I'm a little behind on my Autumn Collection, but there are heaps of new additions in the shop that I'll be sharing here soon, and more to come!

Autumn is here to stay until further notice, and with it comes the time for getting ready for winter... unplugging hoses, plugging in trough de-icers, digging out gloves and boots, leaving the water dripping in the kitchen at night so it doesn't freeze and getting out the blow dryer in the morning if it does anyway.  Processing peaches and pears, drying the basil and planting garlic.  Our goat is due to kid soon, as well!  And for now, I'm on my own, as my mom and sisters have gone down to CA once more to help with the grape harvest.  At least I can still cook for my brother, because I don't think I'd know what to do with myself cooking for one!  I always double or triple everything from long habit:)

I got five tons of alfalfa stacked this morning, which is a tremendously great feeling.  Going into winter with a full hayloft is awesome!  Planning to turn about 300 pounds of cabbage into sauerkraut next week or so.

Mornings are frigid, stomping feet and slapping hands to keep warm and racing to get the kettle on for a morning cuppa tea.  Or chocolate.  I've been on a hot chocolate kick lately.  Hello, October!

By late morning, the sun burns off the last trace of frost and a brilliant blue sky graces the days that are getting shorter and shorter.  
It's been pretty overcast in my life the last two weeks, but I'm ready to take advantage of this blue sky and get my dreams watertight for the long cold ahead.

It's going to be a glorious October.


  1. Great post, dear. You know which pic is my favorite;)

  2. So many beautiful pictures and your gorgeous!

  3. Lovely photos! They're so wonderfully dreamy, even if your life is rather fast-paced at the moment.(:


  4. Wonderful photo sketch of one side of your life. Like any kaleidoscope , the pattern changes as time rotates the lenses. The world of homesteading underscores the work of gathering the harvest and prepping for the cold to come. It is timeless hard work of generations who know and understand what it means to live close to the earth! No easy task !! I for one am glad to hear that blue skies are returning as the final wrap up of preparations and canning come to a close . This blog reminds me of Willie Nelson's song Blue Skies. If you have never heard it, check it out as I think you will agree it puts to tune your last two weeks!!

  5. Love the lace on your blouse--so feminine, with a slight Edwardian flavor!
    And the embroidery on the sweater-vest--drool-worthy.

    Prayers, Dahling! *Hug*
    God bless,


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