Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Mother

My Mother is strong and brave, selfless and beautiful.
Words that are overused or misused often become empty, cliche.  Words like strong, selfless, brave.  Especially beautiful.
She gives a meaning to those words that makes them a reflection of herself in their truest form - they are the epitome of what she is.

I only hope I can be half the inspiration to others as she is to me.

(Photo surreptitiously snapped by Ellen and Algy while we were in town.  I miss my girls so much!)

I'll be pretty busy the next few days, getting ready for the real cold... just got my stove all freshly blacked and polished to set up tomorrow, planning to re-arrange the tent to make room, and most exciting of all, I have a tremendously marvellous new addition to the Wall Tent Studio family... any guesses?


  1. Your mom is all of those words and more. She amazes me and inspires me, too.

    Hehe - I'm just wondering what you named "it";D

    Love you,

  2. What a great photo of you and your Mom!! And what a blessing to have her as an anchor in your life. And I would add that her beauty, both inwardly and externally, got passed on to you!

    Hey, I am with Tasha... what is the name of "it"?

    Battan down the hatches Idaho, the Artic Clippers are coming down! BRRRR!! Judy- steady my girl. You have another tall order to keep the Wall Tent Studio cozy this winter!

  3. That's the same way I feel about my mom. She's a truly dedicated woman of God. We are very blessed. :)

  4. Beautiful! What you said is simply lovely, and I think can be said about all our mothers, in our own way! Thank you for posting this!


    P.S- We are having a vintage pattern GiveAway over at our blog, so be sure to check that out!

  5. Love those beautiful smiles on two beautiful women!! Love your mom with all your heart for if the day comes you no longer have her you can always feel her in the depths of your heart!! I miss my mom so much but I am so thankful for the wonderful person she was to me. You have a special Mother!!


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