Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Preview | Emily Ruthann - Senior Portraits

(Mandy, me, Emily - photo c/o an obliging fence post)
This has been a very full weekend to cap a very full week.  (Yes, it's Tuesday and I still feel like it's the weekend...!)

About twenty minutes after I published my last post, I wiped out on my brother's new motorbike and had to perform home surgery on myself.  That was after I stacked the five tons of hay, and before I decided to go to bed early.  Sunday was equal parts fun and painful, and on Monday I had my first official Senior portrait shoot. 

Which was perfection.  It was a joy to shoot this gorgeous girl, who looked stunning in every frame.  It was fabulous to spend the day with two of my dear friends.  The weather was glorious, Emily's hair was beyond glorious.

I'm incredibly thankful this evening for my health, my friends, and for the privilege to live in an age where photography is more than the stuff of dreams.
Because I love it more every day.


  1. Gorgeous pictures, dear! Looks like you all had an amazing time:)

    Emily, you are absolutely beautiful, girl!!

    So glad you didn't actually shoot her...hehe. I know, I know - lame joke. ;)

    Your loving,

  2. Beautiful photo shoot for Emily's senior year! Congratulations Emily! Enjoy your transition year as you make plans for moving on in your life with your hopes and dreams. It will go by so fast and before you know it, someone will be handing you a diploma and shaking your hand!!Kellie, I love the various staging you did in the repertoire of shots. What a lovely keepsake for Emily to keep so she can see how she marked the beginning of her milestone year!

  3. Great job! Each photo is so artistic.

  4. Oh gracious- home surgery!? Poor thing... you'll be in my prayers!

    I love all of the settings and landscapes in your photos!

  5. Wow, amazing pictures! Emily is indeed beautiful and has glorious hair:). Congratulations!

  6. Thanks everyone. ;)

  7. Kellie, you did an awesome job. I've just glanced at them but looking forward to a quiet sit down of pouring over them.

  8. What a beautiful lady! And what hair! ha ha! Lovely pictures!
    Glad you didn't wipe out TOO bad on the bike! :o


  9. Fantastic job, Kellie!!! Really like the one with the oncoming train, the one with the horse, and the one in the weeds with the sunset. :) You look lovely, Emily ♥

  10. Ooohh.....her hair is almost as pretty as yours!! I can't wait until my hair is that long....:) I love the one where she is lying down.....you are an excellent photographer! Also the one on the train tracks is beautiful as well:)

  11. Thanks so much, everyone! Stay tuned for the rest of the pics - too fun:)


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