Thursday, October 11, 2012

Outfit | Sweetly Autumn Glides

Sweater (mine) // thrifted   -   belt // f21   -   Rubber English boots // unknown
Thistle necklace // ChrysDesigns on etsy   -   
Prairie skirt // Kellie Falconer Design   -   Felt posies headband // Kellie Falconer Design
My beautiful sister models a headband and skirt from the Autumn Collection.

Superbly, I might add!  She really rocks those clothespins.  

I wish I looked that good in my clothes... ♥

C'est la vie - and by the way, what is your favorite hair accessory from the new collection?  KFD's two year anniversary is coming up, and we just might have some delights in store you won't want to miss out on!  Best to be prepared... :smile:


  1. Tilda is beautiful. "Little Rawr" has certainly grown-up into a sweet and helpful young lady! Who'd have thunk? And she does rock those clothespins and the lovely outfit;)

    This afternoon was so lovely. We need more quiet afternoons like that:) And I can't wait to see the pictures you took..hint, hint. When you have time, of course;)

    Love you!

  2. QUOTE: "I wish I looked that good in my clothes... ♥"

    Oh trust me, honey--you do! ;-)

    That pink looks so good on Tilda! Wow!

    QUOTE: "...what is your favorite hair accessory from the new collection?"

    I'd have to say the Flower Headbands (Vanilla and Plum, to be precise, though I like the ones with three flowers best), with the hairpins in second. :-)

    Love and prayers!
    God bless,

  3. Love the KFD look on your sweet sister!! As an owner of that same skirt and a similar headband, I can say that they both offer style and versatility for anyone. The look is all in how each person uses these beautiful foundations and adds their own personality. Fun, practical, and one of a kind, KFD offers anyone a great way to build a wardrobe that is stylish, beautifully made and perfect for the desire to buy more wares that are made here in the USA!! And , I want to put in a voucher for the wonderful brown linen half circle skirt!! That skirt has been to Paris and back working for me through summer and now into fall. I highly recommend viewers to take a good look at this skirt as well as the prairie skirt if you need a "work horse" in your closet for everything from party to farm work. I love these skirts!thank -you Kellie for giving women of all ages beautiful handmade clothing. The world is a better place with entrepreneurs like you!

  4. Super cute! Love all the pics. :D

  5. How adorable! Your sister reminds me of my niece. I love her outfit and that headband is lovely!

  6. I am totally in love with the headband.
    And you do such lovely photo shoots!:)

  7. Beautiful skirt and headband. I love the daintiness of the posies on the headband. And your sister did a wonderful job indeed!

    The middle sister and singer

  8. Blue hydrangea! I love blue hydrangeas!


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