Monday, October 29, 2012

Outfit | The TARDIS Skirt - Doctor Who Blog Party

TARDIS SKIRT // made by me    -    cardi // thrifted
blouse // thrifted   -   belt // f21   -   scarf //
cable stockings // online   -   pumps // thrifted
TARDIS sign button badge // made by me   -   headband // Kellie Falconer Design

Today I'm joining the Doctor Who blog party fashion link up!

The TARDIS skirt was a fantastically fun project which I hope you all love to bitty-bits, as I plan to offer them in my shop in future... :grin:

I started with my basic Walk in the Woods skirt pattern, but omitted the sclupted waistband, as the TARDIS really doesn't have any curved lines.  Really amazing pockets seemed in order for a TARDIS skirt (bigger on the inside!), and what could fit that order better than these beauties?  Plenty of room for your sonic screwdriver, nerdy specs, and anything else you might need on your next intergalactic adventure!  Take notice, Donna...
I then appliquéd the windowpane design on the pocket band and created a custom Police Public Call Box sign button badge.  I'll probably make another with a black background and the words Police Public Call Box in white - all in good time!

I wanted the skirt to be simple enough that it could be styled in a variety of ways, not just DW inspired. The buttons allow the nerdy theme to get vamped up a bit, but allow the skirt to be worn for many different occasions as well.  (The buttons can also be transferred to a bag or jacket when the mood strikes, as well!)  If I were going for a full blown theme skirt, I would probably have made the waistband black and embroidered or appliquéd the Police Box text there.  Wouldn't that be awesome? ;D

Styling this skirt is so much fun... TARDIS blue goes with so many other colors.
And my rose headband, besides being a staple accessory of mine, seemed fitting for this particular outfit.  ♥

The Doctor Who week was so much fun!  You were all fantastic.  And you know what?
So was I;D


  1. What a TARDIS outfit to boot! A must have for Whovian fans everywhere! Allons-y... toute de suite!!

  2. Love it! And I love that "and so was I" quote at the end! I'm still not sure that anybody else can be the Doctor except Christopher Eccleston but the jury's at least still out on that one. ;) Once again, love that skirt! You totally rock it with class and style!

  3. For a moment, I thought you'd cut your hair...until I realized you had most of it tucked under your ponytail! *Whew!* :-P

    Clever, brilliant skirt, Dahling! The embroidered "Police Public Call Box" waistband would be fantastic, and so TARDIS-y. Still and all, this version is cute, practical and--did I mention clever? ;-) The "window" detail on the pockets is my favorite!

    God bless,

  4. This is so adorable! I love that little window detail--especially since they're pockets! Lovely photos as well--I love all the fall scenery!


  5. I LOVE IT!!!!! Oh my word, it turned out fantastic! I knew it would, but it's awesome to see it for real! That fabric was so perfect. I want it:D

    You know, when you do cut your hair, that length would look really good on you. It's still long, but short enough to look vintage. Just a thought...:)

  6. Love, love, love the shoes!!
    Blessings, Layla

  7. Looks very sneaky.
    I love the cardigan and shoes! And such a very clever idea for the skirt even though I haven't seen Dr. Who.

  8. Winnie - I agree! :grin:

    Kellie - I know. Every time I see series 1, I think anybody else can be the Doctor except Christopher Eccleston. But you just wait till you see David. It's irresistible. :smile:

    Tom - Hehe! No, no haircut yet, but I have to say I've been contemplating it lately. it is possible for hair to be too long...

    Thanks Vicki, Layla, Emaline, Hanne-col!

    Thanks, dear:) That's a good thought... we'll see. !

  9. What beautiful colors! Following <3 alex


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