Saturday, May 11, 2013

I used to be color blind

Wedgwood chevron skirt // Kellie Falconer Design
Ruffle tee // thrifted
Cable cardi // thrifted 
sunglasses  // thrifted - necklace // Etsy - Oxford heels // Eurostep

This outfit has me craving a peach smoothie and bowls of fresh blueberries and sun.
Sun sun sun.  It's been crazily hot up here for May, and I have to admit I'm absolutely loving it.  I don't do heat very well - I'd far rather battle cold.  But after all of that battling, when I step out of my door in the early morning and feel the air warm and gentle on my face, and when I can pull the tent flaps back and kick off my shoes while I work, blissfully drowsy as the afternoon blazes away, I feel pretty good.

Amazing, in fact.

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  1. love your skirt ;)

  2. I love how you are so bold in putting colors together....I can't get myself to do it! I always like to have things match perfect.... want to try though because it looks great!


  3. Really loving that ruffle tee...speaking of which, we should go thrifting together sometime soon. A lot of my basic summer tees are getting worn out, and I could use some new time with my bestie. ;)

  4. What I love about the boldness of the Chevron skirt, is that it so easily lends itself to a complete feminine look. Your choice of a ruffled blouse and patterned sweater just add that spark of color and texture against the blue waves of the skirt. The result is stunning and and chic. Again, your skirts offer the possibilities of shoes and other tops creating totally different effects depending on where you plan to wear it. I can see this Chevron with silk and heels for a wedding or evening event, OR, colored flats and a striped top for a weekend at the beach trip. This new line has so much to offer because every careful design, as in this Chevron skirt, has built in flexibility for so many occasions! Just absolutely fun , practical and stunning!

  5. Lovely outfit ensemble... I love the skirt! want one in black and white stripe....

  6. Lovely outfit! The chevron trend never seemed quite right for me before, but you've made it timeless and feminine rather than just trendy. And the bright ruffle tee is unexpected but perfect. I think you've inspired me to dig through my closet in search of unexpected but wonderful combinations. :)

  7. Lovely!

    So glad to find you :)
    Feel free to follow each other
    The Land of Miabelle

  8. I've been shocked at how hot is is down here in central Idaho. We've been in the 90's and it's still May! The last two years, we were still lighting morning fires everyday into June. Crazy.


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