Friday, May 31, 2013

Wall Tent Studio Tour | Spring 2013

Since the last Wall Tent Studio update, an entire metamorphosis has been enacted.  These first few pictures show it in it's early stages back in April.  Since then, I've slowly been collecting the tools and furniture to create my dream work space.  It's always a work in progress, but I'm to the point where I have a place for everything and my daily workflow is almost streamlined.  

And that, my friends, makes for a supremely happy Kellie.

The lighting is less than optimal still, as I'm still on the lookout for the right lamp while using our shop floodlight, which, even reflected against the wall, is nearly blinding.

My tent has been through fire and flood the last two years, and is starting to show signs of it's battle against the elements.  Hopefully one day soon I'll be able to take it all down and give it a good scrub - but even now, with it's scars and water stains telling an eloquent story of weatherbeaten indomitability,  it still stands, a home for my hopes and dreams and precious bolts of fabric.

And oh, the rich stories those four canvas walls now hold.


  1. Can I stop by for a cuppa tea, m'dear? Really. Your little house is absolutely darling! xx

  2. You've done a great job of creating a beautiful work space! THanks for sharing it.

  3. I absolutely love your studio, Kellie! :) The colours and simple, yet classy, layout makes me grin... I'm gonna have to save up and buy one of your gorgeous skirts... :)

  4. Absolutely LOVELY!!! So happy for you and your business!


  5. Kelllie~ Wowza!! You have done a superb job of renovating the Wall Tent following the winter flood. Oh my, what a metamorphosis!! This is truly a designer's dream studio. In keeping with your branding, your studio exemplifies the depth of your craft with 2013 tools set deep in the Idaho woods. Water stains and a fire stain only speak of times when nature crept in too close. But every business, in wall tents or brick and mortar buildings, experience "floods and fires". However, looking at the lovely skirts lining up to be mailed to new homes, I would say , Business is back with a Bang in 2013!!! Oh, and if you are taking reservations, I am reserving a seat in the rocker on the evening of July 23, God willing Delta does their part to get me there on time for sunset. Please keep those the tent flaps open!! Hey, it is Small Business Saturday today, June 1. Are those tulle skirts simply not the Cat's Meow?? What a summertime must have!

  6. I was just thinking to myself--when you have little girls, they'll be the best dressed little girls in town!:)

  7. Oh Kellie! You have such a wonderful place to work! I wish I had such a space, just devoted to sewing and crafts... someday!
    I am so glad that God has allowed you to continue on this journey of having your own business, and I pray He will continue to bless you in all your endeavors.


    The Middle Sister and Singer

  8. Am I allowed to say that I'm a little in love with your blog? I've had such fun perusing your latest posts. You've got amazing style!


  9. LOVE this. I say that about your posts a lot, I think...but it's true! :)
    I'm so, so glad you're my friend.

  10. Hello Kellie,
    It's always a joy to read your blog! So filled with beauty and the country!
    You mentioned scrubbing your tent which made me immediately think of my family's canvas tents we use civil war reenacting which are in great need of some TLC! They have some mildewed areas (wonderful living in Oregon) and lots of water spots that just don't look very nice. So what do you do to clean yours? I would love some tips. We water proofed them when we got them but really haven't done any upkeep.

    Thank you so much and keep up the posts!

  11. I am amazed that you are able to live in that tent/ studio all year round. The weather must be pretty agreeable for you to do that?

    I have been quietly reading your blog for a while, and think you are a lovely, creative young lady! Keep creating!

  12. P.S.: I just clicked that link above to your studio, and it answered my question about how you fared during the harsher weather.

    My new question now is: Will you be able to do anything to winterize it and make it stronger?

  13. Beautiful pictures. Just peace filled.


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