Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The lost in the 50s Parade

Classic cars.  Chrome everywhere.  It was supremely fun.  And I couldn't help wistfully thinking of the days when the streets always looked like this.

The next morning Aubrey and I were conducting a photoshoot on the lakeshore when I spotted my dream truck again.  You can find it in the parade above - it's in front of the tall building with the nifty zigzag staircase, which is incidentally where my bro works.

This truck is without doubt the visible personification of absolute perfection.  
Right down to the white walls.  And that fabulous retro font on the hub caps.  The tear drop fenders and the split windshield.  
Someday this will be my mascot and I shall go camping and have concerts and sell blackberries out of the back. Perhaps at the same time.

We shall meet again, dream truck.


  1. Love old cars! That red truck is gorgeous :)

  2. Oh yeh, that Red Truck takes the cake!! Hands down the coolest car at the show! My oldest brother had a old black Buick that was similar to the one you show which is close to the top of your photos. The problem with it was that he and a friend spent more time under the hood fixing it than driving it!! Hah! My other brother had a black VW bug just like the one you show. The rest of those cars you show could have been on any street in Charlottesville, VA. during my youth! Wonderfully kept cars and lovingly restored. But, I am with you. any chance we could get our hands on that Red Truck for a ride??

  3. Super cool!! We sometimes have vintage car parades in Germany.....but we never know when they are. Just on a few days we see LOTS of old timers on the street.


  4. Love the truck! I love old trucks like that (especially red and black ones).
    My dad and I just found one slightly similar for sale up the street from where we live and we absolutely fell in love with it. I told him it was a "perfect picnic truck". Whenever we drive by we call it our truck even though it's really not :-P
    However, it's far too expensive to ever dream of buying it in the near (or perhaps even far) future....so I keep telling myself it wouldn't be practical anyhow.
    My dad still jokes that we're getting it for him for father's day though.....

  5. Those are definitely prettier, car-ier cars than what you see today... (I can't help but wonder, though, just how much awful exhaust fumes the old motors probably produced in those days?)

    I think my favourite photo is he one with the old signs on the building. I love old signs on buildings. Enduring remainders of days gone by...

  6. Those cars are simply breathtaking! I just love the style and colors of old cars...I wish today's cars looked more like them. That truck is adorable! It certainly looks like it would suit you perfectly.(:

    Decked Out in Ruffles

  7. It's funny. My family lives in Calgary, Alberta, and my mother's family lives in Oregon, so we drive down there almost every year. So, we always drive through Bonner's Ferry, Sandpoint, and Coeur de Alene! So it's fun seeing that:) We've followed those "Bonner's Ferry/Canada signs home before:D

  8. How neat! Old cars are so much classier than cars these days! And they are such fun colors. Modern cars are so plain in comparison!

  9. I simply adore all these photos, Kellie! They're wonderful! Make me feel like I was there – it really looks like a great time.


  10. oooooh. oddly enough, I really can't see you without that truck now, m'dear. *smiles* lovely stills, by the way. xx

  11. A stepside Chevy is #1 on my list of things to get after I graduate college and get a real job. I'm trying to decide if it's worth selling my Toyota to just get one now.
    That's one of the nicest ones I've ever seen, but it'd be cooler if it was blue or green (preferably green).
    After the truck, I'd have to get the (rather impractical) '37 Plymouth coupe.
    I'm gonna need a big garage.

  12. And of course, we were at the parade, too! Small town))


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