Monday, May 20, 2013

Idaho Forestry

Hello, dream truck.  

It was an absolutely beautiful day, with streaming sunshine and summer heat.  I was the group leader for the Hot Pink rookie division.  Which meant I got to wear a big old scarf around my neck in that estimable hue.  So chic.

Miles of hiking through the back forests of one of our community's largest and oldest ranches, home to the State Forestry contest for all of Idaho.  It's about five miles from my home.  I was so honored to be a part of this proud tradition of stewardship and dedication to preserving and wisely using the priceless treasure of Idaho's forest lands.

Our own group did an amazing job - our Senior team taking second place, while our Junior team (which one of my sisters is on) took first, and with it the prestigious crosscut saw award!  It was a joy to see these kids working so hard and demonstrating such a vast knowledge of the art of forestry.
Go, Eager Beavers!


  1. Beautiful photos of such a great learning experience! It looks like everyone had a great day. Your forests are beautiful and such opportunities are important to make youth aware of their natural resources and their roles in stewardship. I love that your sister was in the group that won a first place. Awesome!

  2. The very first picture has me swooning. I feel so at home--so at peace--among rolling meadows patchworked with deep woods. *Siiiiiiigh....*

    Congrats to Lilly and her group's winning first place! She looks very proud and happy...and I must say, her blouse is simply adorable. :-)

    God bless,

  3. Oh, looks like you had so much fun! The pictures are all amazing. I love the ones in black and white best, I think. They look vintage that way.

  4. I LOVE your posts about Idaho! Even with the American Geographies course (that was one of my favourites, even with the amount of information I had to learn and have forgotten again since...), I did not learn much about your home state... and, really, did not learn much about any of the states, what it really is like to be there. So I love all your posts like this!
    Plus, I just love forests.

  5. P.S. Interestingly, I've recently watched "Smoke Signals" (for school, but I enjoyed it immensely), parts of which apparently take place not that far from you!

  6. Isn't that one of the most beautiful ranches you've ever seen?! I could live there. I know how much I enjoyed the forestry contest when I participated, so I know you all had a great time:)

    Congrats to Lilly and the Eager Beavers!! :D

  7. This is so cool that we were in the same place at the same time! I might have seen you but didn't know who you were.. and there were too many people anyways! But Ben and I were both with the rookies, too! We were shooting interviews and taking photos. I wrote you on Twitter yesterday, I'm so excited to meet another blogger in the area!

    1. That's so fun, Katie! You must have been with the group leaders collecting their scarves, then...? I just love the way blogging can bring people together. Thanks so much for writing!


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