Sunday, January 05, 2014

January Photo-a-Day | Week One

Jan. 1  A quarter after one a.m. - four excellent friends.
Jan. 2  My sole New Year's goal:  Time Management.  This amazing timer is my incentive to implement something akin to the Pomodoro technique.  
Jan. 3  Daily.
Jan. 4  Meadowbrook Contra!
Jan. 5  Sunday fellowship.

(Photo credit for days 1&4  to my sisters)

I've thought it would be fun to start a photo-a-day challenge for years now, but my bestie's cue was apparently the incentive I needed to actually go for it.

I'm excited!  What I'm not going to do is stress over this - the idea of absolutely positively without fail having to take a picture - and one I would want to share with the world, at that - every day for a year is not my cup of tea.  However, taking lots of pictures and creating yet another journaling medium definitely is.  (I already book journal, talk to myself at length on Photobooth in Top Secret soliloquies, keep a blog, and have used one of those At-a-Glance daily planners for two years running.  I'm in love with journaling!)

My goal with this is chiefly to challenge myself to consistently photograph the stories around me - I've noticed that when I get busy, I take less pictures, and when I start taking pictures again, I'm so much happier.  
Also, to remind myself not to be a photo snob.  These photos aren't technically good in any way to my eye, with the minor exception of Day 2 - because twinkle light bokeh covereth a multitude of flaws forevern'ever amen.  But I'm so glad they were taken.  They're little glimpses into a memory and a soul - part of the journaling process.  Both to preserve, and perhaps build on, thoughts and moments that form a life.  I took Day 3 to show my mom the slogan on our snow shovel that made me giggle at the time...!
And lastly, to have some extra incentive to purposefully work on improving my photography.
How true the quote:
"The only photographer you should compare yourself to is the one you used to be."

Do you journal?  What's your favorite medium?


  1. I love that last reminds me of Little Women. :)

  2. Photo journaling is a fun way to record time. What strikes me as important is the awareness of why certain shots make it into the photo log. What catches your eye? What stands out as necessary to record? The insights from these questions create a window into what makes you tick and offers a visual of moments that reflect what stands out in your mind as worthy of keeping. Unlike a daily planner that helps you keep task focused, photo journaling seems to me to be a unique retrospective technique because it reflects what did happen and what remains important not to forget. One keeps you focused in the now and the other keeps you aware of what was.

  3. Hooray!! I'm so glad we can do this together!!! :D Loving these photos - that last one reminds me of Little Women. :)

    I'm usually quite terrible at journaling, but I've had a journal on Della which I've written in almost every day for over a year now. I've never liked writing by hand very much, but I've always loved typing, so I think that helps a lot. It also helps when your writing to someone specifically, rather than just "Dear Diary". I was never able to connect with Diary. ;)

  4. I used to be pretty good at journaling, but the past several years I've gone months without writing a single thing in a journal. I think part of it is the fact that my responsibilities and activities have increased over time, which leaves less time to sit down each day (or at least a few times a week) and write about what happened. Plus, I'm sure format has something to do with it as well. Most of my journaling has been hand written, although I've experimented with journaling on the computer or online. I just haven't found a method lately that I works well for me consistently, especially since I want to be able to spend time "living" life--not just writing and reflecting. Any suggestions as far as getting back into journaling would be appreciated.

  5. I think the last photo is great - the black and white helps I'm sure... but it's super sweet!


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