Monday, January 13, 2014

Spring and ice and a little spice.

A Pressing Need To Save The World by Murray Gold & BBC National Orchestra of Wales on Grooveshark
Definitely click play for this one! ^

high performance vest // Calvin Klein
floral cardi // made by me
tee //  thrifted  - boots // Sorelia Earhart
chambray skirt // eShakti
camera strap //  c/o Feedback Straps

     Post soundtrack:  A Pressing Need to Save the World // Murray Gold
It's January but the weather seems to have forgotten that minor fact and keeps acting like it's spring already.  It even smells like spring.  The catch is, the weather also forgot to actually melt the snow during it's play-acting, so everything is covered with solid, slick ice and a generous helping of melting snow slushy on top of that.  The driveway is absolutely treacherous, and driving on it - or even walking on it - turns even the most mild-mannered of personages into daring superheroes with a pressing need to save the world.

Or merely cross the road alive.  Sometimes, it's the same thing...  Especially when there are such epic soundtracks as this one.

The totally awesome CK vest belongs to a friend, and it's over here for alteration.  You can see the lighter gray enlargement inset on the sideseam in the pic fourth from the top.
Thanks, Robin!  And you're welcome.  Now you know just how cool your vest really is.  I think it has superpowers.


  1. Kellie,
    Time after time you always manage to curate an outfit that says,"I am Kellie Falconer". And no matter what the weather is, you are always a super hero to me in those awesome boots.

    Kudos to the dashing heroes!


    The eldest sister & singer

    1. Oh, what a fabulous compliment! Thank you so much, Jessica. xo!

  2. Love that floral cardie made by you with the denim and vest! And how amazing is it that temps soured to the upper 40s for you yesterday? After all the cold, I know it came as a fantastic welcome!

    1. Yes indeed... it's been a heavenly taste of spring. Thank you!


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