Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sapphire Safari

royal peplum top // made by me        zebra maxi // made by me
boots // Amazon        black wedges // thrifted      fisherman's sweater // Tulle

Two exciting things here - the first, I've been working on my extra-curricular sewing pile in spare moments (why kid myself... who has spare moments?  I just made the time and am so glad I did)!  The second is that I've finally completed some designs that have been on the board for months.  Namely, the bluest blue knit peplum top, and a wildly awesome zebra knit maxi skirt.  The top is a perfect pairing of comfort and class.  I think I'm going to be making a lot of these for basic tees in my own wardrobe.

And the skirt... let's just say I wish I had discovered animal prints sooner.  They're so much fun!  I was kind of hesitant to make a floor length wall out of this crazy print, but the material is an amazingly thick, soft terry knit that just begged to be a maxi.  I've been snuggling in it for three days straight and feeling marvelously chic.

I shot this outfit a few days ago, wearing the black shoes and two rope braids in my hair.  My computer proceeded to viciously devour all of the images from the shoot.  So the next day I styled the outfit again, coiling the two ropes into an updo and switching out the flats for boots.  A fresh dusting of snow covered the landscape... and lo and behold, when I downloaded the second shoot, the first popped up out of nowhere.  C'est la Vie!

Zebra print maxi skirt:  awesome or appalling?  Tell me what you think!


  1. Absolutely GORGEOUS...
    I love the zebra print with TARDIS blue.... so beautiful! Have to remember this... :)

  2. I kinda like your outfit with the boots better. I love everything about this outfit. Fantastic job on the peplum top and wild skirt. You're a brave girl for

  3. The zebra print actually looks very nice on you! And I typically don't like animal prints either, but you did a lovely job with it. And that sapphire blue!!! LOVELY!

    the Middle Sister and Singer

  4. Love, love, LOVE!!! Now we both have zebra skirts!! :D

  5. So pretty! I have never been a zebra print kinda girl, but you make it look so pretty! :D

  6. Oh that sapphire blue is stunning made into a top! Love that contrast with the print maxi for that stand out effect against a snowy landscape.

  7. I love this outfit, Kellie! So pretty.

  8. Beautiful outfit! You look positively lovely in blue!

  9. You look good as always, and that bus is truly photogenic! The picture with you on top of the bus is my favorite.

  10. I LOVE that top! I want to sew me one too. Cute!

    The Blue Birdhouse
    Feminine Modesty

  11. My favorite asset in this post is how you incorporated your darling blue bus right in with your outfit! It's brilliant!!! :D

    And like many of the girls have stated above, I too will join them in proclaiming my complete adoration for your boldness in bringing out the animal prints! I HATE animal prints, but now, thanks to you, I'm converted and believe in the stylishness of crazy prints! Only you could do it Kellie!


    The eldest sister and singer

  12. Hello dear Kellie!
    You look fabulous in blue! The shirt turned out wonderfully! Thanks for the idea!
    I am usually not one for animal prints but, I think the lace on the shirt and the softness of the skirt's material make it look darling!

    Those sewing piles can be overwhelming- to the point of throwing them into the burn pit!
    Have to just make the time for them!


  13. Oh, and I approve the new header!
    Though I will miss the safari hat pointing to the links! :)


  14. Amazing and gorgeous! The blue top lights everything up, plus the styling really dresses up the regular "tee" look. And the cut and print of the skirt are lovely! (It looks great for spinning and swirling. ;-)) And lovely photos! I like all the poses. :-)

  15. quote: "Zebra print maxi skirt: awesome or appalling? Tell me what you think!"

    On me, it'd probably be appalling. :-P But you, lassie--you look amazing whatever you wear. :-) LoveLoveLove that blue! It even matches your bus! Must admit, I keep envisioning one of your "Police Public Call Box" pins on your shirt. ;-) /GEEK OUT

    God bless,
    ~"Tom Wild Rose"~

  16. Whoa! Love it!! The blue peplum creates the perfect silhouette with that maxi skirt! I love the shoot as well, that bus and the snow matches perfectly!!
    I have loved following your blog for awhile, and you inspired me to start my own blog! I would be ECSTATIC if you would take a look at mine! =) Only a few post so far....

  17. Gahhh Kellie! That skirt is AWESOME!! It looks really great paired with your new top! I have been wanting to make either a leopard or zebra print skirt for a couple of months now, but haven't gotten around to it yet. May I ask where you found the material?


  18. What cute pictures! I love that zebra print maxi...=)

    Ashley B.
    Like No Other


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