Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Consolidating all of epic 2013 into one little inadequate post.

Twenty Thirteen.
So many firsts this last year - so many adventures, so many challenges and victories.  I can still hardly believe how incredibly full and big and glorious 2013 really was.

The last week flew by faster than a crossbow's quarrel, so I'm still feeling nostalgic and New Year's-ish and excited to recap my fashion and adventure favorites from the blog per Tradition, though a week late.

Here we go!





Releasing the KFD Spring line // Launching the tulle skirt // La Vie en Rose and rainy days // we must be crazy // Roaming with Brownie // Rhapsody in Blue, and thinking // Ellen's pie Party // I bought my first car then had to work with a police detective for a month as the car's odometer had been switched out & defrauded. We bagged the crook and put 'is nose to the grindstone.  Boffin!!!  Or something like that:) //




MacGyver and miracles, and a June recap // Jeanne's garden // the garden and the world is a beautiful place to be. // The Blogger Stylist's Collective!! // at the lake // Betsy-Tacy // Glorious July recap // The best photoshoot ever - KFD Summer Bridal! // What makes you beautiful // My dear friend Winnie visited from Florida, and we both had lunch with MaryJane Butters, which was incredible and epic.  That still has a post coming...


Making a wedding dress // Lavender fields // Random Harvest // Indian Summer // We contra dance under the stars // The August collection of marvelous moments // Filming and berry picking and miles of hiking, waterskiing for the first time, crackling thunderstorms and the Fair and my dearest friends, a lot of heartache and endless piles of tulle.  That was August.


September started out with an epic hunting trip to Oregon that I still plan to post.  Then... A new and fabulous button // The fashion revue // thinking of the end of summer and the Spa // A recipe for cobbling // So much to sew.  A final grand and glorious hike to the lake.  I was in a car accident, safe but changed forever.  And then we started building our new home.  
Crammed full of wild adventure, raw, poignant, and real.  That was September.


Road trip to Washington for my uncle's wedding, then home again in time for the last faint echoes of summertime visits and adventures. // October introspection and sugarplum tulle // I make buttons.  Also, a video. // Potato Harvest // Home.  Also the last time I actually got dressed up for the next six weeks // 
Then we started building the house again and didn't stop till it was finished.
October was beautiful and warm, cold and challenging, full of friends and washed with loneliness, and definitely discombobulating in the extreme.


Kellie Falconer three year shop anniversary! // Dance till you drop. // November was the shortest and longest month in history, a blur of endless physical labor and nonstop determination to persevere.  A month of miracles, both small and mighty.


December was indescribable.  It's had it's share of discouragement, more than it's share of euphoria, and more blessings than could possibly be counted.
And slowly, we're all rediscovering the art of living in a real house - amidst the vibrant, tumultuous and never-ending stream of this wonderful thing we all call life.

Twenty Fourteen, bring it on!


  1. Beautiful journey through the months of 2013. For sure, it was what they call in the South, "Jam up, Jelly tight"! I don't believe there could have been one more thing crammed into those 365 days. Given the wild ride that took place, I am so happy that I got to be part of it for about 2 1/2 days! Can't wait to see what 2014 brings along!!

    P.S. I really like this tradition to share with us who stop by!! Thank-you!

  2. That's new, putting up pics for every month, I really liked it! Happy New Year Kellie!


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