Friday, January 31, 2014

You keep me warm

Just in time for Valentine's festivities - our tulle skirt in the softest petal pink.  

A handful of good things:

My bestie's beautiful grey ruffle scarf
the way the sun shone and shone and shone today in blinding brilliance on deep new snow
an enormous pile of orders packaged and ready to mail
Adam Young singing
my Christmas mug, which says "we do what we want and we do it right."  Tasha, you're awesome.
Playing piano duets with my sisters
freshly baked sourdough bread
Matthew 6:33

fisherman's sweater // Tulle
ruffle scarf // Wool and Whatnot
fingerless gloves // made by Winnie
lace collar tee // made by me
rose hairpin // Kellie Falconer Design
boots // Sorel


  1. Now, this is romantic and rugged plainly spelled out! What a beautiful combo with grey and the snowy background! You look beautiful wrapped in wool and tulle! Love that mug too! My bestie and I have a saying," I am doing it because I want to and I CAN!" And those ruffle scarves from Wool & What Not??? I have three and love them to pieces!! Such a fun cascade of warm ruffles and perfect with your outfit on such a winter's day!!

    1. Aren't those scarves perfection? I love your BFF motto - that's great. :D

  2. Beautiful sweater and scarf combination!

  3. SO pretty! Love the colors and these adorable pictures! And.... your gorgeous new blog design- love it! Alex

    1. Thank you so much, Alex! I'm planning to be working on the design as I have time till I get it just how I want it... after a few years, change is good! :)

  4. Yes, I am awesome. ;D I need to make a mug with our motto for myself now:)
    This outfit is beautiful! Pink and grey. <3 Romantic and cozy. <3 I love it. <3
    Love you dear!

    1. And, like Aubrey suggested - I think "Time Travel:" would be perfect on the pother side:D xo!

  5. aw. this is so sweet. I am in love with this entire outfit! Always love your shoot, dear! xx

  6. Love this. Your sweater and scarf mimic your pine tree backdrop in color and "rhythm."

  7. I'm loving your new blog design, Kellie! And these photos are the perfect ode to the wintry landscape you find yourself in!
    I hope you're keeping well :)

  8. I love all of the textures in this outfit with the tulle skirt and knit scarf and gloves.

  9. Kellie, this is the most gorgeous tulle skirt yet. You've styled it so well, too! You are lovely. ^.^

  10. Love gray and light pink on you, Kellie! And your hair, of course, there are never enough compliments to your hair.

  11. Oh Kelly, you are always so pretty, and I just love your style! Ladylike, slightly rustic, vintage and adorable, all at once. I'm a killer for pink, so I especially love your skirt. So much cuteness and the mug. . .and I should stop gushing about now. ;)

    ~ Mich

  12. yay! so cozy! I love this post. "Put on a warm fuzzy sweater and you'll feel much better..."


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