Saturday, January 11, 2014

January Photo-a-Day | Week Two



Jan. 6 Hershey's + fresh milk + canning jar. // Post Office run.
Jan. 7 Little sis's birthday dinner. // Coming in from night sledding.
Jan. 8 Studio tea time.
Jan. 9 Bunbury's alter ego.
Jan. 10 A quick game of Ninja Destruction after the Friday contra dance.
Jan. 11 Went for a stormy evening walk and felt Scottish.

Loving this blogging/journaling medium.  Quick and to the point, but six thousand words.  More if I can't choose just one picture per day, which seemed to happen somehow... 


  1. Hehehe, Bunbury's alter ego! The late afternoon soliloquy set are the most beautiful to me. The shades of blue grey against the snowy landscape are beautiful and a bit haunting. They give me the feel of that winter loneliness of cold and wet in the deep of January which is somehow calling on my soul. Does January draw you inward more than other months? That internal time of January after the rush of December is always one of my favorite periods of the year.

  2. Sarah Stout1/12/14, 8:44 AM

    I live in West Virginia. Last evening I went for a walk in my field and a storm was coming in. My field is sloped so with the wind picking up and the dark clouds rolling in and the smell of the fresh air, I felt like I was on a moor in the highlands. It was perfect. So I completely understand when you say that you felt Scottish :-)

  3. I see from today's paper that you are having more rain. I never like "mud" season. Your pictures of the storm bring back so many memories. I would be energized by the lightning storms. Would curl up by the fire when it was raining out.

    WE are having a big contra weekend the 17th - 19th! What are your bands that play for your contra dances?

  4. Oh the glories of bantering with friends! You make me sigh and wish to be back in my o'l home State of Washington with grand chums of long forgotten yesterdays.

    I know that feeling. The cold brisk air awakens a thrill of fantasy and lore and all of a sudden you are transformed into a different being from a different era, and all you need is an adventure to complete the throb of your heart's desire. I often feel this way as I walk through our woods; the wind is in my hair, the sky is just the right hue of evening time, and the silence of the birds is beginning to pull at your senses. Oh how I love the opportunities nature provides for our imaginations!

    I tip my bonnet to you. Your life is lovely. :)

    Have a splendid day!

    The eldest sister & singer


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