Sunday, June 10, 2012

Summer Collection Sneak Peek | felt+floral

Rain, rain, rain... it's been torrentially pouring here for the last week.  Today it finally gave way to a sodden gray sky.  One of those beautiful, misty, shadowed days that makes you feel like you're in a Beatrix Potter story.

But this next week is promising to be a little brighter, and I'm hoping against hope to be able to go ahead with the KFD Summer Collection shoot in the next few days.  We'll see what happens:)
My workspace of late - experimenting with felt, ribbon, bobbies and steel.
I and my sisters have been test driving one of the headbands for the last few days... it's a keeper!

In fact, I'd say they're pretty close to the visible personification of absolute perfection. :smile:


  1. Oh, oh, oh!!
    Those are absolutely gorgeous, dear!!
    Oh, I love them. I want one...or three;)

    Whenever you're ready for the most epic photo shoot in history, I am. *grin*

    Love ya,

  2. Loverly wares, lassie! I love how you've packaged the bobby pins, with the paper (?) doilies on the card, and your very professional label--very classy!

    Your Summer Collection sounds like a fun line-up--looking forward to seeing the rest of it...if it ever stops raining, gaaaah. ;-)

    God bless,

  3. Wonder what else will be in your summer collection. Totally love how you made your pins look like a "K" :D


  4. 100% adorable!! What a perfect accessory to any summer outfit. And what a teaser to the rest of the summer line. Oh My, I bet more fun and fashion are just days from being revealed to all of us! Rain,rain, go away, come again some other day! We NEED a sunny day for Algy to do his magic and bring us LOTS of photos of new fashions from the Wall Tent Studio!!

  5. They are so cute! I may just have to purchase some :)


  6. So today I wanted to listen to different music while I did school and listened to your I want to watch "The importance of being Earnest" :D and saw the unfamiliar word bunburying that you keep using!!!

    What does it mean!?!?! :P

  7. Tasha - the most epic photo shoot in history is neigh upon us... I'll give you a call later!

    Thanks, Tom:)

    Iris - so, I have to make a disclaimer... The Importance of Being Earnest is my favorite movie ever, and I love the play and think O. Wilde was brilliant for writing it. However, I found out that Mr. Wilde was more than a little off his rocker in other areas of his life and writing, so I can't recommend him or his other works.
    Also, the movie adaptation added in a handful of small, completely unnecessary and inappropriate scenes that were not in the play at all, so it has to be watched with discretion - and with your hand on the FF> button if you're seeing it for the first time.
    That said, if it could be somehow edited, I could safely call it the visible personification of absolute perfection. (A quote from the play, by the way;)

    Ah, Bunburying. In the story, Bunbury is basically an imaginary invalid friend Algy made up so that he could visit him in the country whenever his social obligations in town were too onerous. I've developed it to mean simply going off on a spontaneous, unplanned adventure!

    Hehe... there you have it. I should just do a movie review soon...

  8. Oh my! I love those headbands and cute bobby pins! <3 And I can't wait to see the outcome of your photo shoot!! It's been raining here all morning, one of those warm misty sweet-smelling summer rains. <3 <3
    Much love,

    p.s. I LOVE the way these pictures have turned out. They are lovely. :)Your blog has sooo inspired me with my own sewing, and I am in the midst of revamping my blog. Hopefully soon I shall actually blog more regularly. :)

  9. Ah, those are so cute! You did a splendid job on them, Kellie!

    I was wondering, where did you get your felt? I really like the soft, pretty colors you have, but at the craft stores they usually only have bright, bold colors.

  10. Molly - I am so excited for you! I'm honored that you found something inspiring here. Looking forward to seeing your upcoming projects! They're going to be beautiful!

    Sereina - Thanks;) I actually got this felt at the local JoAnn Fabrics, and it's all I have at the moment. I wanted to get some other colors as well, but haven't been able to get to town for several weeks. When I do, I'm planning to try a new quilting shop in town that has some wonderful wool felt in the most gorgeous hand-dyed colors. This is acrylic, and though the colors are very pretty, they don't have the depth and luster that wool has.

  11. Some movie reviews would be neat!!! :D


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