Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Collection Sneak Peek | bunting + aprons

Last month - a quick photoshoot with one of the bunting design collections.  Roses, mint polka dots, dark brown linen, pink twill and lace.  There's a matching apron collection, too.

And since then, there's also a red, white, and blue collection, a vintage circus theme in red and turquoise, and a pink, blue, and chocolate seamstress-y inspired group.
Have I mentioned that I adore bunting?

Well, I do♥


  1. Bunting is such fun! I would have my whole room covered in it if I could! As it is, I already have quite a lot of it! :P
    And that apron is too cute!


  2. Oh my goodness! I LOVE these pictures! I love the colors and fabric combinations you used with the buntings! Oh, and I simply adore the lace! <3 Your pictures have a bit of woodland whimsy to them all the time. So beautiful!

    Lovely post, as always!

    ~Much love,

  3. Are you planning on selling some of your bunting? :D

  4. I love these new buntings!! I purchased one from Kellie last winter that has a few of these same fabrics and it adorns a window in my office! So fun and so gorgeous! But now, there will be aprons to match?? Now sure about the rest of you, but an apron with these woodsy colors is going to have to be hanging on the peg in my kitchen! Hmmm... maybe another bunting for the kitchen window to match? Oh, the summer line is going to be so incredible! Fun, flirty, practical, and unique!! Maybe a headband to match? I can't wait!! Prairie look in the cool Idaho woods meets Florida heat and "skeeters"! Now that sounds perfect to me!

  5. So pretty. I love the fabrics you used!

  6. Pink roses, lace...pretty, pretty! You are the Bunting Queen, m'dear. ;-)

    And methinks you've converted me to the Bunting Fan Club; the other day I was imagining the shelf above my bed hung with bunting (purple, of course)!

    Happy sewing, and God bless,

  7. Beautiful pictures, dear!
    I really, really love that color and print combination. It's perfection itself.

    Okay, this is it. How long has it been since I last saw you? If I even have to ask that, it's been too long. Next week for sure, whether it's raining or not and whether we do our photoshoot or not, I'm coming up there!! So, get ready;D

    Love you,


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