Monday, June 11, 2012

Outfit | Daffodil Darling

Taken early in May and just now remembered.  When the daffodils were blooming.  When the green things were just beginning their journey to cover the earth in it's summer mantle.
I remember we had Alfredo with mushrooms for dinner that night, since we found some delectable morel mushrooms on our walk.  Morels are so delicious, and they are pretty much impossible to confuse with any other species of mushroom - a very good thing, since many fungi are highly toxic.
A treasured springtime treat!

Can you believe we're on our way with the second week of June?  Nuts.

I've been sewing bunting today.  Have I mentioned just how delightful bunting is?  I fall more in love with it every day.

Also, I've fallen in love with a charming but little-known story by none other than A.A. Milne, author of Winnie the Pooh. It's called Once on a Time, and I'm pretty sure it could best be described as British Humour masquerading as a fairytale making fun of fairytales masquerading as a children's story... for adults.  Because most children couldn't appreciate just how funny it is.

Written in 1917, Milne's own introduction begins 'This is an odd book'.  I would have to agree with him.
Especially since I've listened to it approximately nine times now.  It's perfect for sewing bunting.

Stay tuned as the Summer Collection draws near!


  1. Once On A Time is *such* a fun book! :)
    And the voice actors from LibriVox were all practically perfect for their roles! I didn't care much for the King of Barodia's voice at first, but I think it grew on me. :D

  2. Thanks so much for commenting, Bree! I'm delighted that somebody else has heard the dramatization, as well. Weren't they all great?
    I personally loved Prince Udo... you got the impression that the actor knew how to sound very dumb and uninspired indeed, yet also knew how very dumb he sounded and could do better... if he weren't playing Prince Udo;D

    And Karen Savage is so brilliant in all her recordings! "He oughtn't to come over anybody's breakfast table quite so quickly as that. Ought he, Father?" Love it;)

  3. Love your outfit...once again but what in the world are you holding in your hand? Some type of snail/slug or a mushroom? I cannot identify it!


  4. I am so curious about the morel mushrooms. They do look quite different from the mushrooms we see in the store! What do they taste like? Are they similar to anything else? And then almost everything tastes wonderful in Alfredo sauce over good pasta! I love that layered look with denim- always smart and practical with just the right amount of jazz! And being a Winnie, I have always loved all of the A.A. Milne books!

  5. Love the layered look, Kellie..just beautiful. :)

  6. Iris - they're morels... mushrooms:)

    Winnie - I think they're pretty similar in taste to store mushrooms, with perhaps a little more delicate wild flavor to them.
    Ha! A.A. Milne makes me think of you:)

    Thank you for stopping by, Lisa!

  7. Pretty outfit! You have such a classy style, I love it. :) And I love how you style your hair all the time. It's so vintage looking! I think you should do a picture tutorial on that hair style sometime. :)
    Much love,

  8. Your skirt is lovely! I've been searching for some more denim skirts that AREN'T the straight style. I'll have to try making a denim A-line for myself and see if that's something that might work. :)

    Once On A Time sounds like something that would be delightful to listen to while working! I generally only listen to music while I'm sewing, but I definitely like listening to stories while I knit. I haven't done it for a while, but I'd like to get back into it, especially since LibriVox has such a great collection of little-known, vintage books.

  9. oh, I love the yellow head scarf. Totally need to try that on my head. ;)

  10. oh, I love the yellow head scarf. Totally need to try that on my head. ;)

  11. It's kind of sad that daffodils only last a little while, but at least we have pictures to remind us of their beauty.

    As always, very stylish, Dahling. Love the fact that most of your outfit consists of thrift shop finds! The print on your blouse is beautiful, and the perky headband adds a nice spot of sunshine to the outfit (I envy your ability to look good in yellow!).

    God bless,

  12. I love the picture of you with the daffodils by your face. You are adorable!
    Had to smile at the morel. I had some in my eggs this morning.

  13. Ah, Kellie! I do so love your smashing sense of style! I'm hoping that by reading your blog diligently, your natural taste will magically rub off on me! :]

  14. Simply lovely, as always, my dear:)

    I'll be replying to your email soon, probably tomorrow...or maybe I'll just call you, if you're phone is working again.



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