Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sharing the Blessings vol. 13

Presenting the May edition of Sharing the Blessings. Join up below!
I'm thankful for the excitement of the changing seasons - I'm thankful that it's almost summer!
The raspberry patch bears the promise of beautiful fruit.  The aspens shimmer and whisper.

And last Friday, something happened to change my life.  In the loveliest of ways.
Any guesses?

(And no, Sir Percy hasn't happened... yet. :smile:)


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Simply sharing the little blessings that make life beautiful. Won't you join me? 


  1. Hey Gennie.... I found your blog on Connecting young Christians. I REALLY REALLY like your blog! you do a great job, can we follow each other? I would really love to connect with more Christians across this world. Let me know if we can, please follow me if you want to, I promise I will follow back.

    xox South Africa

  2. After your long Idaho winter, the greening of the landscape must be so welcomed and NEEDED!! The incredible thing I have noticed about blessings is that they flow in both directions. You give, they receive, they are blessed but you are blessed too! Is it that Joy is never contained? Is the fact that blessings flow in both directions the reason it is a blessing instead of just a gift? Perhaps I should ponder that mystery. Any other responders have some ideas?

  3. QUOTE: "And last Friday, something happened to change my life. In the loveliest of ways.
    Any guesses?"
    Oh, tease, tease! I haven't a clue. How long will you keep us in suspense?? ;-)

    Ahh, raspberries! Seedy characters, but oh, so sweet, especially home-grown. ;-)

    Spring has to be my favorite season of the year. Summer is good for swimming and hiking and what-not, but in Springtime, everything feels fresh, young and new--truly alive! A little slice of Heaven, aye?

    God bless,

  4. I really need to remember to do this! It is now one of my goals for this month to post about a blessing. I'm glad you keep doing this!

  5. Welcome, Cindy! Thanks for stopping by. I dropped by your blog - thank you for being such a encouragement in Christ!

    Winnie - that is something to ponder, indeed. It's beautiful. I think you have the essence of a blessing right there!

    Wildrose - No longer than necessary, I promise! This last week has been crazy, but I'll be back with the big news as soon as I can. Hang in there! ;D

    Looking forward to seeing what you have to share, Eyebright! It's a blessing to me simply to read what you all have to share in this little meme:)

  6. Hope you don't mind me adding two links. I will be stopping by to visit the others in a week or so.


  7. I don't mind at all, Iris - beautiful submissions!
    Thanks for stopping by, Miss Jen!


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