Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Epic Collection Photoshoot | Pt. 2

At last, the next installment of photos from the Summer Collection shoot.

Summer's full upon us now, and it's been crazy trying to balance life with my work and other projects... a week never went by so fast as the last one.  I'm working on the shop listings whenever I can, and they'll all be on there... soon!  
For now, enjoy as we get another peek into the charm, the whimsy, the hysterical belly laughs and dappled sunshine of The Shoot.
{Find these darling hoops for sale here!} 
Just one more slot left to get the Buy an apron, get any dishtowel free special - hurry, hurry!
Right in the middle of shooting the aprons, we looked over and saw... 
I'm not sure... so don't ask.  A burrito, perhaps?  A, Eskimo?
Whatever it was, we didn't quarrel with another excuse to laugh ourselves silly.
Packing up... it took about 30 minutes and the combined efforts of seven people to get this pop-up dressing room packed away.  Like a windshield sunshade, only bigger...and meaner;)
Some ocarina music
We slipped down the the lake for a bit to enjoy the late afternoon sunshine.
Then home again with the happy, contented feeling you get at the end of a tiring, but lovely day.
So many more pictures - can't wait to get them up here!

So tell me... which new product is your favorite?
Aprons, skirts, headbands, tote bags, buntings, dishtowels, embroidery hoop art, petticoats, bow belts...
Oh my!


  1. Everything looks beautiful, Kellie! I especially love the embroideries:-)

  2. I love everything! Although I would have to say, I'm particularly fond of your skirts and petticoats. They're so pretty!

  3. I love these pictures! <3 Hmm, my favorite thing? I really like the petticoats and the head bands!! So cute! <3 Of course, the aprons are simply adorable too!


  4. Everything is gorgeous but if I have to pick... I am interested in the buntings and the petticoats. :)

  5. What an incredible day to showcase all of your new items! I love all of them! Each one shows unique craftsmanship with an updated vintage feel. And the colors are so rich and beautiful against that landscape of the wooded lake banks. I will say that a prairie petticoat and skirt will be my next order! So fun and practical and perfect for those long hot days of Florida's summers! And with the apron I already ordered and have received... a perfect combination for this farmgirl!

  6. gahh... these are so beautiful. love your hair, Kelly. and my favorite item.. hmm the embroidery hoops and and the bow belts. :D

  7. THIS IS JUST LOVELY!!!! Everything, the bunting, the quilt, the laundry, your hair - oh your hair is darling!!! How do you pin it up in such a way?

    Thank you for sharing, dear! Again, everything is just beautiful!


  8. Oh my, Im having heart palpitations. I love these photos so much!! Gorgeous! The belts and skirts and hair accessories are all amazing. Great photography. YOu all look so beautiful and happy :) Love!

  9. Your aprons and petticoats are beautiful. :) I really want to order something from your shop soon. :)

  10. How can anyone pick a favorite when they are all so wonderful? :)
    I love all the beautiful hairstyles as well.
    It is so fun to see you all just enjoying life together. I know life isn't all smiles and sunshine, but how much we gain when we can grab a hold onto to those that are! I love the memories you are making. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. What a pretty party! I love the name of your blog! So genius!
    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog! I'll definitely be back to see more posts!



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