Thursday, November 01, 2012

I ♥ Thursday | no. 1

I'm joining up with Ashley's I ♥ Thursday feature today - and I think it's going to be a regular feature.  A spot to share the little things that made me smile over my week - a cork board for random happenings and little announcements and special small things.

Today the full charm and cozy nostalgia of November is hitting me like a wave... mustard and grey, bright white and leather, pumpkin pie and beautiful woodpiles and lofty words and boots.  All these things are making me smile today.

That kitchen is the last word in kitchen perfection, no?   And I really want a classic leather jacket.  Something between Amelia Earhart and Martha Jones.  Keeping my eye on that one...
The perfect jacket.  Looove it!  As well as this really gorgeous sweater - I think I could make something like that.  Hmm...
And these boots.  Are.  The last word in boots.
{all photo credits here}

It's been one tough Autumn for me, and I didn't accomplish half the things I was hoping to on the blog, in my shop, with my life.  But I know that God was able to use the things He put in my life to make me stronger, to draw me closer to himself.  And I am thankful.  After all, what good is accomplishment and victory without the knowledge of its worth?  When we get beauty, security, and productivity handed us on a plate, it looses the whole essence of what is good and valuable.  
Striving, stumbling, searching to succeed is how we become stronger.

So once more - I'm taking a step back, recharging, and getting ready for another chapter.
I have lots of plans and loads of things to share, so get ready world!

join the fun!
Bramblewood Fashion

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<-<------------P.S.  Also, I switched my blog sidebar over to the other side.
It's kind of bugging me, but I decided I needed to change.  Something.  I've been too afraid of change lately.  A blog sidebar isn't going to affect much in my life, but it did the trick last night.  I feel much more brave now. :smile:

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  1. Ah yes, a classic leather jacket... I "need" one, too.

    I love light-coloured kitchens. A friend has a white kitchen. I want one in light wood myself. That one... looks good. I don't think my family would like it if I painted our neat red wood one white, though... *ahem*

  2. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Kellie, you have just discovered--or, helped me discover--my ultimate dream boot. I mean, sooo perfectly gorgeous. I will try not to be tempted beyond what I can bear and look at the price.

    Love you, girly! :) I know I've said it before, but I really love your blog, your inspiring joy in the Lord, and everything that makes you you. Keep shining! <3

  3. Sometimes it seriously freaks me out how much we think alike. I mean, I should be used to it by now, right? Cause I was at the thrift store today looking for jeans, and on a whim I browsed through the leather jackets section, just checking. Didn't find anything, but I'm keeping my eyes open cause I totally want a leather jacket that is a cross between Amelia Earhart and Martha Jones;D
    Love you!

  4. The crust/decoration on that pie is gorgeous! It transforms a humble pie into a work of art. :-)

    I'm lovin' that kitchen--specifically the stove/oven. I wonder if it's a modern appliance made to look vintage...that would be so cool!

    Those boots--I can totally see you in them. And no, I didn't look at the price. Payless' are bad enough, LOL. Thankfully it doesn't cost anything just to look, aye? ;-)

    God bless,

  5. I love this new blog look with the sidebar on the left. Yep those boots are the final word. Gorgeous colored leather and timeless styling.
    Wild Rose, if you go to Heartland Appliances(made in Canada) and check out their stoves, they make new vintage looking stoves. It just so happens, I have been investigating getting one this week if I can figure out how to redo the kitchen to make it work. Love that vintage look in a kitchen. Seems that wave lenghts from coast to coast have been passing each other in the air!!! Vintage kitchens and November accessories/colors are ON!

  6. Hana - yes, there might be difficulties in repainting the family kitchen cold turkey:D Red wood sounds beautiful, however!

    Michaela - thanks so much! That really made a bright spot in my day.
    And are not those boots the ultimate in marvelous temptation? Truly perfection. Ahh... I've started to give up on the whole Rich Scottish Uncle thing, but perhaps a Handsome Billionaire Husband might play an integral part in these boots... Hehe:D

    Tasha - yep:) So not surprised. That's great:)

    Tom - that would be neat! I do love those modern/antique look appliances.
    Let me know how that goes, Winnie!


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