Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Outfit | Fur, Plaid, Diamonds.

Plaid trimmed knit top/skirt ensemble - fabric brooch - coming soon to Kellie Falconer Design!
boots - Sorrel   //   jewelry - family antiques   //   fur - Wigget's Antiques
belt - thrifted   //   hair barrette - gift

This outfit has me seriously excited.  How can you have the cozy comfort of a pair of sweats combined with a dress elegant enough for the most lavish of holiday parties?  And better than that, the skirt and top can be paired with other outfits, making for endless variation possibilities.

All in the softest of heather green knits and delicious wool plaid.  Mmm...
To be released in the shop very, very soon.

Petrov joined me once again, and my new Sorelia Earhart snowboots, found on clearance last summer, make their debut.
The screw back earrings were my grandma's, and I love them.  
Will someone please invite me to the symphony?  I'll wear this ensemble.  It seems almost a waste on the trees and birds.  It needs a proper outing.  I need a proper outing. :smile:

It's been a very, very hard week, but life moves on.  Somehow, we're always given the strength to bear what we must.  How good He is.


Last chance to enter the gift card giveaway - ends tonight at midnight!
The current shop sales all end Nov. 30th at midnight as well, so if you've been eyeing that apron or hairbow, here's a word of advice...

...Snabble it now!


  1. you look lovely, Kellie! Your hair is so pretty, and so is your dress! And I love the little friend on your shoulder...furs usually kind of freak me out, but yours just looks so sweet.(;

    God's blessings on the rest of your week!


  2. Gorgeous! :) Love the skirt!!!

    Hope your week is getting better, poor deary.

  3. Wow, what an incredible outfit! Gorgeous and so becoming. The fabric just makes me want to feel how soft it must be. You look fabulous too! The combination of fur, diamonds,laced leather and soft green is indeed a rich and gorgeous combination! Oh, La, La! This will make a perfect outfit for the upcoming holidays and anytime a warm and stylish look is needed! The Nutcracker here we come!!

  4. Love this so much! You are so pretty, Miss Kelli. :)


  5. I've said it before, but I'm going to say it again; you are SO inspiring!!! I just love that top, did you do those cute tucks at the sleeves and neckline? It looks just like something you would do to a shirt to make it look marvelous. Great outfit, Kelly!!

  6. Love, love, love this outfit! So beautiful! I love the plaid.

  7. What a beautiful outfit! Seeing your outfit posts inspires me to get sewing on some of my own clothes, but I'm excited to be checking out the thrift stores to repurpose materials. :)

    Dear Kellie, would you consider doing hair tutorials? I often struggle with finding hairstyles that don't look terribly severe and mean librarian-ish on me. :) Anyway, it's just a suggestion, but thank you for your inspiring posts all around. <3

  8. I absolutely LOVE your outfit!!! It is so elegant, and so very you! Your hair, as always looks beautiful, and the craftsmanship of the ensemble... well, is amazingly beautiful.
    Perfect as our imperfect creations can be.

    The Middle Sister and Singer

  9. Lovely, classy, and stylish as always, dear:) The pin-curls look great!

  10. Thanks, Vicki! I know what you mean about furs... some are just too creepy;D

    Aw, thanks Amanda! I think it is;)

    So glad you like it, Winnie!

    Grace, Elizabeth, Sereina, Brigid, Tasha, you're too sweet;) Thank you!

    Eyebright, I am happy to say that I have some tutorials in the works! I know I've been talking about getting some on here for over a year now, but I really do have them started and hope to post them very soon. :crosses fingers: ;)

  11. Only Kellie could combine Comfy and Elegant in the same outfit! Beautiful, dear! The classy pearls and earrings, and the adorable Monsieur Petrov, add the perfect Retro-'50's touch. :-)

    God bless,


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